Powering Up! Your Mind Activities 

Powering Up! Strong Bodies and Minds is excited to introduce Powering Up! Your Mind with Nutrition and Health activities! Grab a friend, parent or teacher and put your food, nutrition and health knowledge to the test. You’ll find coloring sheets, words searches, crossword puzzles and much more.
Check back often; we’ll be adding more activities and challenges for you to enjoy.
Power UP

Coloring Sheets
Fuel up with these COLOR-ful fruits and veggies.  Print out the sheets, color them in and post them on your refrigerator!

Crossword / Word Block Puzzles
Cross your fingers and unblock your mind to solve these puzzles.
Word Finds
Challenge your mind to move up, down, diagonally and backwards--just like your body--to find all the hidden words!

Last Modified on July 31, 2012