Butterfly Ridge Elementary School Redistricting Study

Butterfly Ridge Elementary School

Final Report and Recommendation

The final report for the Butterfly Ridge Redistricting Study was presented to the Board of Education on March 22, 2017. Following the presentation the Board of Education (BOE) held three public hearings - March 29 at Orchard Grove ES, April 5 at Hillcrest ES, and April 26 at Waverley ES.  The BOE discussed the comments received during their public hearings at their May 10th meeting.  The BOE directed staff to provide additional information for their May 24th meeting where they will continue their discussion.  A decision regarding the Butterfly Ridge Redistricting Study is scheduled for the June 12, 2017 BOE meeting to be held at the FCPS central offices, BOE Board Room, 191 South East Street, Frederick, MD.   Use the links below to review new options (Options A & B) developed by staff that provide additional enrollment relief to Waverley ES as well as staff’s original recommendations.


Beth Pasierb
Project Manager

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Butterfly Ridge, a new elementary school to be located on Butterfly Lane in Frederick City, will begin construction in the spring of 2017 and open in the fall of 2018. This school is anticipated to primarily relieve the overcrowding at Hillcrest, Waverley and Orchard Grove elementary schools. Click here to view the redistricting study area map. For the 2016-17 school year, Hillcrest is operating at 135% of state rated capacity (SRC) with 36 portable classrooms (including 24 classrooms in two “super pods”); Waverley at 142% of SRC with 17 portable classrooms; and Orchard Grove at 104% of SRC with 6 portable classrooms.

Guidance throughout the project will be provided by BOE Policy 200 School Attendance Areas and Redistricting and FCPS Regulation 100-2 Redistricting. Goals, as outlined in the BOE Strategic Plan, will also serve as direction to the staff with regards to community engagement and the preparation of recommendations to the Board of Education of Frederick County (BOE).

Background Report

Here is the link to the current Background Report. This report includes data compiled to date that may be used as we consider the revised attendance boundaries. Please pay close attention to the date of this report as this is a “living” document and the data will be updated, revised and expanded as new data becomes available. For instance, the enrollment data will be revised later this month when the 2016-17 school year enrollment information is available.

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