Project Scope and Schedule


  1. The purpose of the study is to establish a new attendance area for Butterfly Ridge Elementary School and to adjust middle and high school feeder patterns in response to the new elementary attendance areas.
  2. Hillcrest, Waverley and Orchard Grove attendance areas will primarily be the focus of the study. However, other adjoining elementary school attendance areas may also be included in the redistricting study as necessary to balance enrollments. Monocacy, Crestwood and West Frederick middle schools will be the focus of the middle school adjustments. Thomas Johnson, Frederick and Tuscarora high schools will be the focus of high school adjustments. Other adjoining schools may also be included as necessary.
  3. The study will be led by FCPS Facilities Planning staff and include Transportation, Fiscal Services, Curriculum, and Communication Services staff.
  4. FCPS Facilities Planning staff, with the assistance of consultants, will collect data and evaluate options.
  5. After an initial phase of data collection and discussions with the school communities, staff will develop a series of attendance boundary options that will be presented to the community for review and comment.
  6. After review and presentation to school communities, staff will present options to the Superintendent and prepare the Superintendent’s recommendation. The Superintendent’s recommendation will be presented to the BOE. Workshops will be scheduled with the BOE to consider variations of the options and receive public comment.
  7. Following final approval by the BOE of revised attendance boundaries, the new attendance boundary maps will be prepared.
  8. The redistricting study is expected to take approximately 12 months to complete beginning in the summer of 2016. Completion of the study in summer of 2017 will allow a year for new bus routes to be created and school administration to adjust staffing in response to new enrollment projections. The new attendance boundaries will go into effect with the start of the 2018-19 school year.