Waverley Elementary School Feasibility Study

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Holly Nelson
Project Manager

(301) 644-5026

FCPS will begin a feasibility study in Fall 2017 to determine the best way to modernize and expand Waverley Elementary School. The purpose of the study is to identify school renovation needs, additional space needs, options for meeting the needs, and estimated costs for each option. The study is expected to take about six months and there will be opportunities for community members to participate throughout the study.

During the feasibility study, staff will work with a consultant to consider several options:

  • Renovate and expand the current building
  • Replace the current building with a larger new building
  • Renovate the current building and the existing Rock Creek building
  • The team will consider the school’s new capacity. The Board of Education’s approved size for an elementary school is 725 students. Because of the growth that is happening in the Waverley area and the lack of other school sites, the team will also consider a building that can seat approximately 1,020 students with a co-principal model for the administration.

This study is the first step in the process to modernize and expand Waverley Elementary School. The proposed timeline for the project is shown below, contingent on funding from the State and County. The timing of construction for Waverley ES depends on the timing of construction of the replacement of Rock Creek School to another site.

Schedule for Rock Creek and Waverley Projects

School Year 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Rock Creek School Replacement Schedule Design New Rock Creek building under construction New Rock Creek opens  
Waverley Elementary Modernization Schedule Feasibility Study Design

Redistricting Study


  Modernized Waverley ES opens