FCPS offers nutritious breakfast, lunch and a la carte items that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved. Students may also bring lunch from home. Family members are welcome to join students for lunch after registering at the school office. Adult lunches cost $3.95.



Milk when bought separately:  $0.60

Elementary School

Breakfast $1.45
Reduced-Price Breakfast $0.30
Lunch $2.25
Reduced-Price Lunch $0.40

Middle/High School

Breakfast $1.70
Reduced-Price Breakfast $0.30
Lunch $2.50
Reduced-Price Lunch $0.40


FCPS uses the Heartland School Solutions MySchoolBucks program, one of the most widely used and secure online payment solutions available today. Visa and other trusted third parties have certified MySchoolBucks at the highest levels of Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard security.

A few of the MySchoolBucks benefits include:

  • Up to 90 days of purchase history
  • Automated low-balance emails
  • Scheduled payments allow parents to pay weekly, biweekly or monthly if desired
  • Low-balance payments can automatically add money when an account runs low
  • Families can download a mobile app for smartphones

Parents with multiple children in the school system can make one payment on one account and then ask FCPS Food and Nutrition Services to distribute money into the other accounts.

The student's name and ID number are required. Please set up your account and see additional information online at www.myschoolbucks.com.

Parents may also send cash or a check to their child’s school cafeteria to pay for school meals. A payment in any amount may be placed in the child’s account. Parents may indicate “Meals Only” on the check if they prefer their child not purchase a la carte items. When a check is received indicating “Meals Only,” a notation will be made on the child’s account to alert the Food Services staff.

Students may also purchase meals with cash.

Prepayment of meals protects against forgotten or lost money and allows students to move through the serving lines more quickly.

Parents who feel their family may qualify for free or reduced-price meals may click here for more information about the program.

For additional information, please contact FCPS Food and Nutrition Services.