Character Counts!
Character Counts! is an ethical decision making program that helps people make appropriate choices every day.
Our Mission
Education is the foundation of our community. The Frederick County public school system educates its students to become caring, respectful and responsible citizens and family members.
All schools will be safe and inviting, with a climate that fosters learning and character development.
The six pillars are the criteria for problem solving by asking…
  • ”Is it fair?”
  • “Does it show caring?”
  • “Is it responsible?”
  • “Does it show respect?”
  • “Does it show trustworthiness?”
  • “Does it show citizenship?”


Secondary Coordinator:
Janet Shipman
Community Character Counts! Coordinator: George Guevara
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Character Counts

Does Character Count for Someone You Know?

Do you have a friend, family member, a teacher, or a coach who shows how character counts? Tell us about them! You can recognize someone who shows something about the Six Pillars of Character. Write us an email about them, send us a link to your YouTube video, post a picture on Twitter, or share with us on Facebook. Pick a way to spotlight the people who make character count.

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Character Counts
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