Frederick County Public Schools' mission is to:
  • REACH our students with exceptional teaching and caring support,
  • CHALLENGE them to achieve their potential, and
  • PREPARE them for success in a global society.

Education is the foundation of our community. Frederick County Public Schools educates its students to become caring, respectful and responsible citizens and family members.
Students look forward to school each day. They take full advantage of the rigorous academic curricula and strive to develop their talents. They utilize the power of technology to explore a world of new ideas and information. They acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve and the confidence to succeed, and are rewarded with a wide choice of offers from higher education and employers. FCPS graduates are exceptional 21st century citizens.

Outstanding applicants compete to join our system. Employees enjoy the respect of students and the community, opportunities for professional growth, and recognition for their contributions to our system. They value each student and create a learning climate where students can reach for their dreams.

Parents, public officials, businesses and citizens actively support our commitment to challenge all students to achieve their potential. The Board of Education and school system staff embrace the community's contributions and are responsible stewards of its resources.

Parents choose to send their children to our schools. Businesses and families move to Frederick County because of our schools.
                                                                                                                                                  - Adopted by the Board of Education

Strategic Goals

FCPS will establish an environment that capitalizes on all children's natural curiosity, nurtures their desire to learn and respects their individual learning styles.
  1. Every student will learn in an intellectually challenging environment, prepared as a life-long learner to excel in college, further study and the  workplace.
  2. Every student will learn in a safe, caring and engaging environment, and be prepared to participate as a productive citizen and contributing member of our global society.
  3. All employees will be highly qualified for their jobs, motivated and effective at work, and valued and respected by their students and community.
  4. Every family will have access to the programs and services needed for their children to enter school ready to learn.
  5. All sectors of the community will be engaged in the education of our children.
  6. Every division and school will have sufficient resources and will manage those resources in a publicly accountable and cost-effective manner.
Last Modified on June 28, 2012