Parent Involvement Matters Award
The Parent Involvement Matters Award is presented annually to 24 parents/guardians whose exemplary contributions to public education have led to improvements for Maryland's public school children, teachers, schools, programs and/or policies.  The award was created by the Maryland State Department of Education to highlight the positive impact parents have on public schools and to encourage all parents to get involved in whatever way they can.
Margaret Osborne was Frederick County's 2014 winner.  Visit the Maryland State Department of Education's Web site to view all the 2014 Parent Involvement Matters Award Local Honorees.

The FCPS Communication Services office publicizes this program on behalf of the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).  MSDE coordinates the nomination and selection process for this award.   
Program Coordinator:
Mindy Bankey
Communication Services
191 South East Street
Frederick, MD  21701
Completed nomination packets must be postmarked by Friday, January 30, 2015.
Completed nomination packets must be postmarked by Friday, January 30, 2015.  Mail packets to:
Maryland State Department of Education
Office of Communications, Partnerships,
and Grants, 7th Floor 
200 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore, MD  21201
MSDE will not accept online or e-mailed nomination packets.  Please send a copy of your nomination packet to Donna Quatman-Wilder, 191 South East Street, Frederick, MD  21701.
How to Nominate a Parent
An eligible nominee is a parent or person with legal responsibility for a child in a Maryland public school who has significantly impacted public education within the last 24 months with his or her involvement in the area(s) of communication, volunteering, learning, collaborating with community or decision making.  Complete criteria, selection process and instructions are outlined in the Parent Involvement Matters Award brochure.
Nomination packets must contain the following:
  • Section 1.  Contact Information
  • Section 2.  Signed Nominee Statement of Agreement
  • Section 3.  Narrative – this narrative is separate from the three letters of recommendation.  See the brochure for formatting requirements.
  • Section 4.  Letters of Recommendation.  See the brochure for formatting requirements.