Online Bus Stop Information
Starting with the 2014-2015 school year, we begin using "Route Names" rather than bus numbers. Look for the Route Name on the top panes of the second window, on both sides of the bus, e.g. (W1, W2, etc.)   Please see the press release for additional information.
The FCPS Transportation Department works year-round to ensure our fleet of buses and all of our drivers are road-ready. During the summer months staff members are busy evaluating routes to ensure efficient, safe operations for the coming school year. Every August, they update and post bus stop information for routes throughout the county. 
  • Bus stop and transportation eligibility by address for the 2014-15 school year is online now - click the link at the bottom of this page.
Bus stop information changes from year to year so please be sure to check the information for your child before school starts. 
Parents of pre-kindergarteners: Bus drivers will contact you with your child’s mid-day bus schedule prior to the first day of school.
Parents of Special Needs Students – For special needs bus information, please select the “Search by Student” option. All special needs parents/guardians will also be contacted with bus information prior to school startup.
Parents of elementary students in the magnet program: G&T elementary student bus information was sent by mail on 8/13/14.
If you are in temporary housing due to economic circumstances and will need special school bus transportation for your child, please contact FCPS Department of Student Services.  

Read These Important Instructions Before Looking Up Bus Information!
After selecting the link located at the bottom of this page:
  • Enter the street address where your child will catch the bus.
  • Keep the address brief.
  • Do not use punctuation.
  • Do not use the address “suffix,” (Dr, Drive, St, Street, etc.) For example, instead of Devon St, simply enter Devon.
  • If you get more than one option without an exact match, select the street name.
  • If your transportation information does not appear, contact your child’s school to request the bus stop location and approximate time the bus will arrive.
During the first few weeks after school starts:
  • Please review with your child the Expectations for a Safe Bus Ride, which will be sent home the first week of school.  Once you have reviewed it together, sign and return the form to your child's bus driver as soon as possible.
  • Riders should be at their assigned bus stop at least 10 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Allow extra time for those important “first day” photos before the bus arrives.
  • Please allow for some fluctuations in pick-up and drop-off times. They may vary as schools regulate dismissals, bus drivers adjust to new routes and other drivers get use to having our buses in the traffic stream. Also, an unexpectedly large group of riders at one or two stops may take longer to load, causing the bus to arrive later than planned at subsequent stops.
  • Some buses may have too many riders while others have too few.
  • Some stops may change subject to route reviews.
The Transportation Department will be working diligently to resolve concerns. Safety concerns will receive top priority. Your support and patience are appreciated!
Please check back periodically prior to the first day of school for possible timing adjustments.  
Last Modified on February 12, 2015