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State Grants 2 Waiver Days

Due to High Volume of Snow Days

FCPS has received a waiver from the Maryland State Department of Education for two snow days in the current school year.

The Board of Education of Frederick County has determined that FCPS will use these days as follows:

*Students will not have to make up the snow day when schools were closed on Monday, March 17.
*Students will not have to attend school beyond the originally scheduled last day of Wednesday, June 11.

To recap:  FCPS has used 12 snow days this school year. That is seven more than the five already built into the school year calendar, allowing students to end the year on June 11. Two of the seven are waived.

The five days that students have and will make up are:

Friday, March 21 (already used as make up day)
Monday, April 14
Tuesday, April 15
Wednesday, April 16
Monday, April 21

More calendar information is online at: