Teacher Certification Information

This information is intended for the certificated personnel of Frederick County Public Schools.  If you are not a Frederick County teacher, please contact the Maryland State Department of Education, 200 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21202 or call 866-772-8922.  You can also get information about Maryland certification at the MSDE website, www.mdcert.org.  The certification officers of FCPS are not authorized to complete evaluations, credit counts, nor certification for individuals who are not employed as teachers with Frederick County Public Schools.


Sarah Ianacone
Certification Personnel Officer


Frederick County teachers will find answers to often-asked questions via the following links:


Salary Adjustments

Tuition & Praxis Test Reimbursement

Praxis Tests

Required Reading and Special Education courses

No Child Left Behind and Highly Qualified Status

If you are a Frederick County teacher and you do not find the answer to your question from the above resources, please email certification@fcps.org.  When contacting the Department of Human Resources either by email or on a form or personal note, please include your given name used on official records and your employee ID number.  It is most efficient if you have original grade reports and official transcripts sent to you and then you send or bring them to Human Resources.