Human Resources works to attract highly qualified employees, offer excellent opportunities for professional growth and retain a first-class workforce that is committed to excellence.

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Main Number: 301-644-5100

Human Resources Division
Executive Director: Paula Lawton
Phone 301-644-5086
Fax 301-644-5105
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Employee Benefits/Wellness
Senior Manager: Penny Opalka
Phone 301-644-5080
Fax 301-644-5122

Talent Acquisition/Management - Certificated
Senior Manager: Gina Keefer
Phone 301-644-5076
Fax 301-644-5101

Talent Acquisition/Management - Support
Senior Manager: Rob Wedge
Phone 301-644-5095
Fax 301-644-5101

Employee Relations/Contract Management
Senior Manager: Nancy Dietz
Phone 301-644-5091
Fax 301-644-5101

Talent Competency-Leadership Development
Senior Manager:  Mary Trapane
Phone 301-644-5118
Fax 301-644-5101

Personnel Officer: Sarah Ianacone
Phone 301-644-4006
Fax 301-644-5101

Elementary/Special Ed/ELL

Personnel Officer: Robert Bruno
Phone 301-644-5090
Fax 301-644-5101

PDS Interns/Teacher Recruitment
Teacher Recruiter: Carrie Artis
Phone 301-644-5252
Fax 301-644-5101

Substitute Teachers, Teacher Specialists and Special Subjects
Personnel Officer: Anne Paxton
Phone 301-644-5083
Fax 301-644-5101

Employment Verifications
Phone 301-644-5103
Fax 301-644-5105

SmartFind Express
Substitute Calling System

Substitute Helpdesk
Phone 301-644-5120