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LYNX stands for Linking Youth to New Experiences. LYNX at Frederick High School centers on creating highly individualized plans for student success, maximum student choice and flexibility in setting and meeting academic and career goals.

At LYNX, every FHS student will meet their college and career goals by designing a personal plan for success with parents, teachers, business and community partners, and advocates. LYNX at Frederick High recognizes the reality that there is no "typical student". Every student has different dreams, goals, challenges, and talents. LYNX at Frederick High will build from that idea by offering flexible, new approaches to teaching and learning within a structured framework.

Students will find four unique features at work at LYNX at Frederick High:

1. Advocacy: Every student will have a personalized plan for success. These plans are roadmaps each student develops with teachers, business partners, parents, and others, to move through high school. Every LYNX student will work directly with a personal advocate who will support and guide them.

2. Partnerships: Business and community partners will provide a wide range of learning opportunities to LYNX students. These include internships, apprenticeships, work study opportunities, and credit-bearing college courses.

3. Flexibility: Every LYNX student will have the flexibility to choose the schedules and approaches to learning that work best for them. Some students will pursue a typical high school schedule, just like they do now. Others will choose learning opportunities that will be available in the afternoon and evening. Students will have off-campus learning opportunities through business and community partners.

4. Innovative Learning: Every LYNX student will choose the courses, instructional methods, and learning opportunities that will best meet their individual needs. The learning menu at LYNX includes many options, such as: structured classroom courses, project-based learning, online and blended learning, AP courses, dual enrollment courses, internships, apprenticeships. and independent study.

The Lynx TeamThe Lynx Team

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A network of educators and business and civic leaders is partnering to provide meaningful and personalized learning opportunities for the students of LYNX at Frederick High.


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FCPS will work through the 2016-2017 school year to fully develop and prepare to launch LYNX at Frederick High when the new Frederick High School campus opens.




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LYNX In the News

LYNX plan approved, will be sent to state

No firm costs yet for flexible education program at Frederick High

School board seeks budget, details of new flexible Frederick High program

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "LYNX" mean?
It stands for Linking Youth to New Experiences.

Will all high schools in Frederick County have LYNX?
Frederick High will be the first high school in the county to incorporate LYNX. The best practices developed at LYNX at Frederick High will be shared with all FCPS high schools.

Why Frederick High?
Frederick High has a diverse population of students with a wide range of interests, experiences, and needs. That fits perfectly with LYNX. It’s designed to provide a flexible, highly individualized high school experience. Frederick High’s new campus offers new opportunities for LYNX.

Is LYNX at Frederick High a public school?
LYNX at Frederick High School is a public high school under the authority of the Board of Education of Frederick County and Superintendent of FCPS.

Who can go to LYNX at Frederick High?

Any student who resides in Frederick High's school attendance area will be a LYNX student.

When will LYNX at Frederick High launch?
The new Frederick High School campus will open in fall 2017. While some elements of the LYNX program may be available to all grade levels when the new Frederick High opens, the full LYNX experience will be phased in over 4 years starting with the incoming freshman in 2017.

How will LYNX be funded?
LYNX at Frederick High is funded like any other public school in Frederick County. Some of the unique opportunities at LYNX at Frederick High will be sustained through partnerships with business and community organizations and grants.

Why did LYNX at Frederick High require
special legislation from the state?

Maryland provided new legislation that allows LYNX at Frederick High to move beyond the traditional ways students earn credits.


Contact: Michelle Shearer
Project Manager for High School Innovation and Transformation

Phone: (240)236-7096


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