Instructions for getting Online Bus Information
  1. Every Summer, we update bus stop information.
  2. Bus information for school year 2016-17 is now available online at the link below. However, you must check back periodically until the first day of school as changes may occur due to late registrations.
  3. Enter the street address where your child will catch the bus.

    • Do not use punctuation.
    • Use abbreviation for suffix (Dr, St, etc.)
    • Use single letter for direction (N, S, E, W.)
    • If you get more than one street option, select the street name.
    • If you get no results, try just street number and street name (no direction or suffix.)
  4. If your transportation information does not appear, contact your child’s school.


FCPS Transportation Department
Phone:  301-644-5366




Click here for Bus Stop Information

School Bus


  • Parents of Pre-K students: Bus drivers will contact you with your child’s mid-day bus schedule before school starts.
  • Parents of Special Needs students: You will be contacted with bus information before school starts. On or after August 3 you may also select the “Search by Student” option to find bus information.
  • Parents of Magnet Program students: Bus information will be mailed on Wednesday, August 3, 2016.
  • Parents in temporary housing: If you need special transportation for your child, please notify your child's school.
  • Please allow for fluctuations in pick-up and drop-off times during the first few weeks of school. They may vary as schools regulate dismissals, bus drivers adjust to new routes and other drivers get used to having our buses in traffic. Also, an unexpectedly large group of riders at one or two stops may take longer to load, causing the bus to arrive later at subsequent stops.
  • Some buses may have many riders while others have very few.
  • Some stops may change subject to route reviews.
  • We work diligently to resolve concerns. Safety concerns receive our top priority.