Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Information

Family and community engagement are essential in making public education the best it can be. FCPS posts budget information online to make our processes as transparent to the public as possible and to encourage full public engagement in the budget process.

The Board of Education’s approved fiscal year 2014 operating budget totals $532,697,886. It reflects an increase of $9,610,246 or 1.8% over the fiscal year 2013 operating budget. $4 million of the requested budget is one-time revenue and expense due to the projected sale of four surplus properties in fiscal year 2014. This budget continues addressing several priorities:

  • Retaining and attracting quality staff
  • Technology needs and equity
  • Security staffing and equipment

The adopted budget includes expenditures that the BOE believes are needed to continue to provide quality educational services to the children of Frederick County for FY2014. It reflects the feedback obtained from extensive public engagement.

Below, please select any topic you wish to view in detail regarding the FCPS FY2014 budgets. In addition to the Operating Budget, these include the Capital, Food and Nutrition Services, and Self-Insurance Fund Budgets.