Excellent Career & Technology Education

Excellent Career & Technology Education

There is good news on two fronts about excellence in career and technology education at Frederick County Public Schools. Yesterday, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) presented one of just nine 2017 Awards of Excellence to the partnership program between FCPS and the National Cancer Institute’s Werner H. Kirsten Student Intern Program. And the FCPS Career & Technology Center (CTC) has received word that teacher Phil Arnold has earned a prestigious Lemelson-MIT Excite Award. 

The MSDE’s Outstanding Business Partnership Award of Excellence recognizes the FCPS-NCI internship program for superior program quality and student outcomes due to the strong working partnership that supports, promotes and improves career and technology education. The partnership has resulted in exceptional benefits to the students and Frederick County community and businesses.

The Lemelson-MIT Excite Award program recognized Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Engineering instructor Phil Arnold for excellence in leading a year-long, open-ended invention project with students at the CTC.

“This tremendous honor is the result of my students’ hard work over the past year,” Arnold said. “We based our proposal to the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Program on the students’ design of a water-treatment system for the Melka Oba School in Ethiopia. We extend a special thanks to Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban and Ethiopian Children’s Appeal founder Jo Butler for bringing this situation to our attention and supporting our efforts to address the problem.”

Arnold’s finalist award makes the CTC eligible to apply for a grant up to $10,000 and provides him an expenses-paid trip to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the program’s annual EurekaFest to see InvenTeam winning projects and learn more about how to work with students to prepare the grant application. Arnold will work with the students and mentors throughout the summer to finalize the CTC’s application, reaching out for insight and guidance to community members with expertise in fields related to the students’ invention. A distinguished panel of judges composed of educators, researchers, MIT staff and alumni, as well as former award winners, will assemble in the fall to select the final InvenTeam grantees.