2017 Substitute Teacher of the Year: Patricia Carson

2017 Substitute Teacher of the Year: Patricia Carson

Frederick County Public Schools Human Resources Executive Director Paula Lawton is proud to announce that the first-ever FCPS Substitute Teacher of the Year award goes to Patricia Carson. During the past school year, Ms. Carson served as the substitute for at least 35 teachers at Linganore High.

“She is by far the most requested and most respected sub we have,” says Principal Nancy Doll. “Teachers can breathe easily when Pat is at the helm; they know that their classes will be well managed, their lessons followed, and their students taken care of.”

“In all things,” says Assistant Principal Andrew McWilliams, who nominated Ms. Carson for the award, “Pat makes it clear that her time in the building is not merely to ‘press play’ and babysit. She views her role as that of an educator, and when she is in the classroom, education occurs. Students learn. They follow directions. They are safe. Students, whether they admit it or not, like boundaries and don’t like having their time wasted. When Ms. Carson is their sub, there are boundaries—fair, consistent, and reasonable ones—and students’ time, as well as their character, are respected.”

English Department Chairperson Natalie Ann Rebetsky appreciates that as a former FCPS media specialist Ms. Carson knows rules and regulations. She applies a calm and confident personality to the classroom, is very reliable, and makes it clear that no task is too difficult or too menial for her to complete, Ms. Rebetsky explains, adding, “It is this overall dedication to the school that sets Pat apart from and above other substitutes.”

Describing Ms. Caron, social studies teacher Jamie Hendi says, “She will stick to my lesson plan and keep students on task. I can rely on her to carry out my plans, and I don’t have to play catch up the next day. Having Pat in the classroom isn’t a ‘throw away’ day; she has the skills to teach material and run activities. She maintains high expectations for behavior. She genuinely likes students, and students like her.”

The Board of Education of Frederick County will honor Ms. Carson Wednesday, June 14, at the 6 p.m. public meeting, 191 S. East Street, Frederick.