Students Achieve 2nd Place Worldwide

Students Achieve 2nd Place Worldwide

Lincoln Robisch (left) and Garrett Wiehler place 2nd in global Destination Imagination competition, Knoxville, TN, May 2017

Frederick County Public Schools’ seniors placed second worldwide in Destination Imagination global competition in Knoxville, Tennessee last month. Recent graduates from Linganore High School, they are Lincoln Robisch and Garrett Wiehler.

Destination Imagination is an annual worldwide, creative problem-solving competition. To determine winning teams, judges observe how well students use improvisational skills in instant-challenge problems and how well they have prepared for the competition’s long-term challenges. This year’s competition topics were 3-Peat; In It Together; Ready, Willing, and Fable; Show & Tech; and Top Secret. There were 82 teams at the high school level of the 3-Peat improvisation competition.

“We are so proud that our students placed second in the global improv challenge. Even getting to the level of global competition is quite an honor for these students, their families, their schools, and FCPS,” said Meg Lee, FCPS supervisor of Advanced Academics. “A team from Oakdale Middle also competed globally and placed 12th among 81 middle school teams in the Show & Tech technical challenge. On the Oakdale team were Kayla Brightman, Ryan Brightman, Bella Carter, Emma Chang, Jacob Demory and Evangeline Gold. Both teams used creativity, collaboration, and out-of-the-box problem solving to approach the challenges presented in Destination Imagination.”

The FCPS teams represented Maryland at global finals May 24-27. In addition to the U.S., participating teams were from Canada, China, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, South Korea and Turkey. Local team managers were Isaac Chang for Oakdale Middle and Marie Wiehler for Linganore; Ms. Wiehler is a teacher at Green Valley Elementary.

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