FCPS Posts Facilities Master Plan

FCPS Posts Facilities Master Plan

The 2017 draft Superintendent’s Recommended Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP) is online for public review at www.fcps.org/efmp.

The Superintendent’s recommended EFMP is based on an equated enrollment growth of 3,900 students between 2016 and 2026.  By 2026 staff expects that the school system will have an equated enrollment of approximately 45,000 students.

In addition to enrollment projections, the EFMP has a list of school construction projects that staff has recommended for the next 10 years, including the FY2019-2024 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) requests. The 10-year plan includes 12 major construction projects.  Among them are four new schools (including Butterfly Ridge and Sugarloaf elementary schools), two replacement schools (Urbana Elementary and Rock Creek), three additions (at Waverley and Liberty Elementary schools and Brunswick High school), and three modernization projects. 

In addition, 363 major capital systemic projects are proposed over the next six years to sustain FCPS facilities. These include a variety of improvements to schools, such as science lab renovations, roof replacements/renovations, mechanical projects, flooring replacement, energy management and conservation, parking and access road improvements, oil tank replacement, athletic field improvements, and playground replacement/renovations.  Capital projects proposed for the 2019-2024 CIP total about $400 million.

FCPS staff presented the Superintendent’s recommended plan at the Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, August 23. A public hearing for the Board of Education to receive comments on the Superintendent's recommended plan is scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Board Room at 191 South East Street, Frederick, MD.

After receiving public comment, the Board is scheduled to make final decisions regarding the plan's recommendations on Wednesday, September 27. The final version of the CIP will then be forwarded to the County and State for funding consideration.

For additional information, please contact FCPS Supervisor of Facilities Planning, Beth.Pasierb@fcps.org, 301-644-5023.