FCPS Reports Preliminary Enrollment

FCPS Reports Preliminary Enrollment

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) reports preliminary September 30 enrollment of 42,204, which reflects a net increase of 826 students over last year. Enrollment is 328 students more than projected for this school year.

“We’ve seen another year of significant student growth in the county, the largest single-year increase since 2001,” says FCPS Chief Operating Officer Paul Lebo.

The increase was spread across all levels--elementary, middle and high school. Elementary enrollment increased by 238 students, middle school enrollment is up by 331 students, and high school is up by 260 students. Enrollment at special schools held steady.

Twelve elementary schools are over 100% of their state-rated capacities. They are, from most to least overcrowded: Waverley at 161%, Centerville at 142%, Urbana at 137%, Hillcrest at 135%, Deer Crossing at 130%, Tuscarora at 121%, Brunswick at 110%, Whittier at 106%, Monocacy at 104%, New Market and Orchard Grove, both at 103%, and Glade at 102%.  Last year, Yellow Springs was at 107%, but it’s now at 99, and Walkersville, formerly at 103%, is now at 98%.

Two middle schools and one high school are over state-rated capacity: Oakdale Middle at 117%, Urbana Middle at 107%, and Urbana High at 107%.

Enrollment data by school is online in the Quarterly Enrollment Report 9/30/17 at www.fcps.org under the About Us tab, Publications, Other, Enrollment & Capacity.