FCPS Partners with Spanish Speaking Community of MD

FCPS Partners with Spanish Speaking Community of MD

Left to right: SSCM Executive Director Maria Herrera, FCPS English Learning Community Engagement Coordinator Ernie Marin, FCPS School Administration and Leadership Executive Director Tracey Lucas, FCPS English Learning Supervisor Larry Steinly

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) recently signed a partnership agreement with the Spanish Speaking Community of Maryland (SSCM).  SSCM will sponsor events and workshops designed to support the unique needs of English learners. The organization will make access to SSCM services known and available to the community. They will meet with FCPS community liaisons to determine needs and discuss programs such as speakers and workshops to benefit FCPS students and families. Additionally, they will provide opportunities for FCPS staff to obtain educational resources. SSCM will also work with FCPS on common goals including improving attendance and having more consistent attendance.  

“FCPS embraces and supports all students,” says FCPS English Learning Supervisor Larry Steinly. “I appreciate this partnership with Spanish Speaking Community.”

“We see this partnership as a great opportunity to provide our diverse students and their families essential resources and educational opportunities for self-sufficiency and sustainability as well as personal and professional growth,” says SSCM Executive Director Maria Herrera.

FCPS English Learning Community Engagement Coordinator Ernie Marin emphasizes that “involving families in children’s learning is important for student success, but our schools need help in engaging EL families. This partnership will help address barriers to learning to support our EL students for a successful school journey.”

      Businesses interested in partnering with the school system beyond offering staff discounts are encouraged to contact FCPS Business Partnerships Coordinator Mindy Bankey, 301-644-5013, melinda.bankey@fcps.org. Those who wish to offer staff discounts should contact zsteele@perkspot.com.