FCPS Partners with College Readiness Mission

FCPS Partners with College Readiness Mission

Left to right: FCPS Director of Student Services Jet Reid, CRM Founder Jasmine Gulati and CRM Chief Technology Director Manbir Gulati

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) recently signed a partnership agreement with College Readiness Mission–The Gulati Program (CRM).  The program is designed to help students fulfill their higher education and career goals. It aims to illuminate student potential and close achievement gaps.

CRM will award at least one scholarship to an FCPS student and provide opportunities for students to obtain post-secondary educational opportunities and resources. Additionally CRM will provide school counselors and other staff with related materials. 

“Frederick County students will have a place to go and a clear plan of action to help them bridge the gap between their efforts and the completion of reaching their career goals,” says FCPS Director of Student Services Jet Reid. “This partnership will help lead to student success.”

“Our vision is to help students enter colleges and programs they like, and then to help them succeed there,” says CRM Founder Jasmine Gulati. “The College Readiness Mission strives to empower students by giving them choices and creating a passion for their own vision of success.”

Businesses interested in partnering with the school system beyond offering staff discounts are encouraged to contact FCPS Business Partnerships Coordinator Mindy Bankey, 301-644-5013, melinda.bankey@fcps.org. Those who wish to offer staff discounts should contact zsteele@perkspot.com.