25th Annual FCPS Technology Fair

25th Annual FCPS Technology Fair

The 25th annual countywide Frederick County Public Schools Technology Fair will take place on Monday, February 26 at the FCPS Career and Technology Center from 6-8 p.m. (snow date February 28). The 2018 Tech Fair showcases the skills that middle school students develop in Technology Education classes. Previously held at the Francis Scott Key Mall, the CTC venue allows access to Internet, which eliminates the need for FCPS to hold computer-based challenges at an alternate site and exposes students and parents to hands-on demonstrations and CTC program activities. CTC is at 7922 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick.

Here’s a description of this year’s contests:

• All Wound Up: Two sixth-grade students from each middle school’s Technology Exposition classes construct rubber-band cars and adjust the specifications to travel the greatest distance.

•Constructing a Hovercraft: In this one-hour challenge, two eighth-grade problem-solving teams from each middle school put their crafts through a timed trial across a specified distance; the fastest Hovercraft wins.

•Straw Bridge Engineering Challenge: Eighth-grade teams from each school design and build a soda-straw bridge that can span 20 inches and support a 6.5-pound toy truck for one minute. Design drawings, an oral presentation to a panel of CTC students, and the bridge’s weight factor into this contest.

•Grades 6 and 7 Design Challenges: Teams of sixth-grade Technology Exposition students and seventh-grade Invention and Innovation students have one hour to solve a design-challenge problem using only the materials provided.      

•Video Public Service Announcement Advertising Promo: Seventh-grade students will create a 30- to 60-second Public Service Announcement video about careers in computer science, as well as a brochure, website or poster.

•Video Game Design Challenge: Seventh-grade students use a Gamestar Mechanic computer program to design a video game.

•*NEW* Food Challenge: Eighth-graders make a dish and are judged on food presentation, cooking skills, kitchen performance and food taste.  

•*NEW* Breakout EDU: Sixth-graders engage in an Escape Room-type, growth-mindset, problem-solving activity.  

Winners from all events will receive recognition during an awards ceremony beginning at 8 p.m. in the CTC Spires Cafe. Come out and watch the fun as students compete!

For more information, please contact Career and Technology Education Coordinator Norm McGaughey or his administrative secretary, Julie Carter, 301-644-5188.