Juana Anderson Named 2018 Substitute Teacher of the Year

Juana Anderson Named 2018 Substitute Teacher of the Year

Shown in the photo are Human Resources Personnel Officer Anne Paxton (left) and FCPS Substitute Teacher of the Year Juana Anderson.

Frederick County Public Schools Human Resources Executive Director Paula Lawton is proud to announce that the second annual FCPS Substitute Teacher of the Year award goes to Juana Anderson. During the past school year, Anderson served as a long-term and regular substitute teacher at Brunswick Middle School.

Principal Jay Schill supported the nomination, commending Anderson for her dependability, ability to establish productive relationships with students and capacity to effectively deliver the curriculum.

A teacher wrote, “As I recovered from surgery, I had no worries about leaving my students in Mrs. Anderson’s hands….She is technology savvy and has developed her Google Classroom to communicate not only with students but with their parents as well. She reports to school before the required time and is often still at school many hours past the end of the school day grading student work. She encourages students of every level to participate and to try their best each day.”

In addition, Anderson has continued her professional development, attending workshops and taking courses at Frederick Community College to enhance her service to students with special needs.

Teachers report that Anderson has an excellent rapport with students, motivating them to stay on task in the classroom. Here’s what some of them wrote in letters supporting Anderson’s nomination for Substitute Teacher of the Year.

“Mrs. Anderson shows students respect and in turn has taught them the importance of respecting others. She responds to individual students’ needs, interests and questions.”

“She made the effort to learn all of my 150 students’ names,” said Donna Howard. “I have seen students come up and give her high-fives as well as many hellos and smiles….She is fair, firm and consistent. Teachers can count on Mrs. Anderson’s punctuality, preparedness, dedication and diligence to their subject.”

“She thoroughly reads through and follows lesson plans. Mrs. Anderson has shown that she has excellent classroom management skills--a challenge for any substitute in a middle school. Teachers are always assured that if Mrs. Anderson has picked up their substitute job students will be completing meaningful work.”

The Board of Education of Frederick County will honor Anderson Wednesday, June 13, at the 6 p.m. public meeting, 191 S. East Street, Frederick.