FCPS Partners with Asian American Center of Frederick

FCPS Partners with Asian American Center of Frederick

Frederick County Public Schools recently signed a partnership agreement with the Asian American Center of Frederick (AACF). AACF provides critical community services throughout Frederick County, including services focused on increasing access to healthcare for families and children.

By entering into a formal partnership, FCPS and AACF will be better able to work together to develop and sponsor programs that assist at-risk students FCPS staff members will also have better access to informational materials and other resources that are specifically designed to help students and families in need.

"This partnership is an important opportunity to provide our students and families vital resources and educational opportunities," says FCPS Director or Communications and Community Engagement, Michael Doerrer. "AACF does so much to support and help families across Frederick County. Their annual Community Health Fair, for example, is an amazing resource for families. This partnership ensures our ongoing collaboration on behalf of our students."

"AACF appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with our professional, language and cultural resources and build a better community with this partnership," says AACF Executive Director Elizabeth Chung.

The partnership agreement between FCPS and AACF was signed on June 27.