FCPS Is Upgrading FindOutFirst

FCPS Is Upgrading FindOutFirst

Frederick County Public Schools is upgrading its FindOutFirst (FOF) email and texting communication service. Parents will no longer need to update their children’s grade levels each summer or change school locations in their FOF accounts.

Instead, the school system will upload this information, including the email address the parent has on file with the school. This will cut down on the volume of email parents receive as schools can rely on targeting their messages to accurate grade-level groups.

“It’s time to refresh our 15-year-old FindOutFirst service,” says Michael Doerrer, director of FCPS Communications, Community Engagement and Marketing. “We plan to close out all FOF subscriber accounts after mid-July and start over with parent contact data from our Student Information System.”

FOF communication will be offline briefly during the refresh. FCPS will send all subscribers notice before this happens along with instructions about when and how parents may select other news options and community members may re-subscribe.

Mindful that some parents have not provided up-to-date email addresses to their child’s school office, Communication Services staff will prominently post orientation and back-to-school night dates on the www.fcps.org home page as well as in the usual Back-to-School section after mid-July. Staff is also preparing TV and YouTube video reminders and social media posts to help keep everyone informed during the transition.

“Parents who have provided school staff their current email address will appreciate the upgrade. We ask for help spreading the word that FOF subscribers not receiving school email after the refresh will need to realize they’re missing messages and notify the school office of their current email address or email FindOutFirst@fcps.org for assistance,” says Doerrer.

FCPS is also improving options for email communication with high school students and with staff. The school system will share additional information later this summer.