Community Supports Public Education

Community Supports Public Education

Students in Frederick County public schools benefit each year from the community’s generous financial donations through the Community Foundation of Frederick County. Grants totaling nearly $8,000 from the FCPS Gifts for Education Fund and the Franklin and Bess Gladhill Fund for Agriculture Education are supporting student-enrichment projects.

This school year, eight schools are receiving Gifts for Education Fund enrichment opportunities, as follows:

*Brunswick Middle—$465 to support participation in the Stock Market Game, in which students use a variety of online resources to analyze market trends and make educated decisions about buying and selling stocks, bonds and mutual funds
*Butterfly Ridge Elementary—$490 for a prekindergarten Chicks Alive! project helping students to study life sciences by hatching chicks in the classroom
*Gov. Thomas Johnson High—$1,000 for a literacy project to expose students to classic and popular literature, extending learning to celebrate the joy of reading with interactive activities
*Kemptown Elementary—$500 to provide students with materials to calm and help them regulate their classroom behavior
*Linganore High—$500 to establish a scholarship for the best local essay submitted in response to the National English Honor Society Common Readers selections
*Middletown High—$495 for an interdisciplinary science and literary arts project called The Martian
*Middletown Middle—$500 to start a Science Olympiad team to help students improve their knowledge and interest in science and engineering
*Thurmont Elementary—$1,000 to implement calming corners so every classroom has a safe space for students to use yoga strategies

Six schools are receiving grants from the Gladhill Fund for Agriculture Education to accomplish the following:
*Centerville Elementary—$500 to create a cool-down Sensory Garden space for students
*Oakdale High—$500 for landscaping tools and to maintain an agricultural land lab that houses chickens and flower and vegetable beds for student lessons
*Rock Creek School—$300 for a greenhouse growing project to supplement vocational training for students, allowing them to grow and sell plants to the school community
*Tuscarora Elementary—$500 for multi-sensory and calming kits for classrooms and special education teachers and interventionists
*Tuscarora High—$465 to prepare raised gardening beds for students to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs to use in Horticulture and Family and Consumer Science classes and share with the community
*Urbana High—$500 for students to compost and recycle cafeteria waste, reducing the volume of waste going to the landfill

The Community Foundation of Frederick County accepts tax-deductible donations for the funds and has distributed more than $178,800 in 347 grants since the endowments were launched in 1998. Anyone wishing to donate may call 301-696-6818. The next round of grants is in December 2018. Schools wishing to apply may contact