FCPS Continues to Outpace State, Nation on AP Scores

FCPS Continues to Outpace State, Nation on AP Scores

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) continues to achieve impressive results on Advanced Placement (AP) scores. According to the College Board’s AP 2018 report, FCPS high school students continue to score well above state and national averages on AP exams.

FCPS continued to outperform state and global mean scores and percentages of AP students with scores of 3 or better. Maryland’s mean score was 3.11, the global mean score was 2.89 and the FCPS mean score was 3.25, down slightly from last year’s 3.27. The percentage of students with scores of 3 or better was 67.5 statewide, 61.3 globally and 73.3 at FCPS, compared to last year’s 73.6. Achieving a score of 3 to 5 on the 5-point scale qualifies students to receive credit at many colleges and universities.

The district continued to demonstrate outstanding AP results, increasing the number of AP students by 235 and increasing the number of exams taken by 284.

“The increase in AP participation is exciting news even as students take advantage of the enhanced dual-enrollment option that allows them to enroll in one or more college courses and to receive college credit while they are still in high school,” says Dr. Jamie Aliveto, director of the FCPS System Accountability and School Improvement Department.

Data in Frederick County show that the number of completed dual-enrollment courses has increased by 196 in the last year. Students completed 1,531 college-level dual-enrollment courses that were equivalent to corresponding AP courses. This number, combined with the 4,806 AP exams taken last year, exceeds the highest FCPS participation levels in advanced coursework reported in 2013.

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