Countywide Science & Engineering Fair Winners

Countywide Science & Engineering Fair Winners

Frederick County Public Schools announces winners in the 38th annual Frederick County Science and Engineering Fair, one of only seven Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)-affiliated events in Maryland. Hosted at Tuscarora High last Saturday, March 30, the fair featured 114 projects that more than 140 students representing 26 middle and high schools entered. 

The overall grand prize went to home-schooled student Abigail Haffey for her project, “Mutagenesis of the ID2 Promoter.” The runner up was Urbana High School student Joshua Yu for his project, “Synthetic Virus-Like Particles: The Future of Targeted Drug Delivery.” Abigail and Joshua will represent Frederick County next month at the ISEF in Phoenix, Arizona. Urbana students Charlotte Hively and Soujanya Viswanathan qualified as high school ISEF student observers.

At the middle school level, Urbana students Shloka Tambat and Rachael Thyparambil earned the grand prize for their entry, “Biodegradable Plastics.” The runner up was Middletown Middle student Thomas Sova for “The Science of Sound.” The following students were named Middle School Broadcom MASTERS, eligible to compete nationally in the Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering Rising Stars event: Alyssa Davies, Taylor Elder, George Julias, Abhinav Inavolu, Thomas Sova, Priyanka Subramanian, Shloka Tambat, Yashita Thalla, Rachael Thyparambil and Pragna Yalamanechili.

High School Design Champions were Urbana students Leila Ghaffari in Observational/Theoretical Design, Charlotte Hively in Engineering Design, and Tuscarora student Madison Santizo in Experimental Design. Middle school design champions were Windsor Knolls student Karthik Muthukkumar in Observational/ Theoretical Design; Urbana students Akhil Neelagiri and Thushan Ranasinghe in Experimental Design, and Oakdale student Pragna Yalamanechili in Engineering Design.

Earning Exemplary Non-Mentored High School Project Awards were the Urbana team Charles Giglio and Jorgen Miller, and students Charlotte Hively and Sanjana Subramanian.

The following earned awards as noted in first through third place and honorable mention in the specified categories at middle and high school levels:

Animal Sciences—(middle) 1st place team: Jenna Lakin, Emily Smalt and Alyssa Slimmer (Middletown); 2nd place: Reagan Ochoa (Lucy School); honorable mention: Arno Carrera (Friends Meeting School)

Behavioral and Social Sciences—(middle) 1st place: Taylor Elder (Urbana); 2nd place: Monica Nader (Urbana); 3rd place: Sanjana Ranasinghe and Aleena Sohail (Urbana); honorable mention: Kaylie Musard (Walkersville)

Biochemistry—(high) 1st place: Joshua Yu (Urbana); (middle) honorable mention: Sruti Nandanavanam (Urbana)

Biomedical and Health Sciences—(high) tied for 2nd place: Leila Ghaffari (Urbana) and Sanjana Jha (Gov. Thomas Johnson); tied for 3rd place: Julia Bui and Soujanya Viswanathan (both from Urbana); (high) honorable mention: Hritaal Saha (Urbana); (middle) 1st place: Alyssa Davies (Urbana); tied for 2nd place: Mira Deni (West Frederick) and Brady Koenig (Mother Seton School); 3rd place: Rohit Chintala (Urbana); honorable mention: Mishani De Silva (Crestwood), Rahma Kahan (Ballenger Creek), Karthik Muthukkumar (Windsor Knolls), Christine Ryan (Friends Meeting School)

Biomedical Engineering—(middle) 1st place: Pragna Yalamanechili (Oakdale); 2nd place: Manasi Tanikella (Urbana)

Cellular and Molecular Biology—(high) 1st place: Abigail Haffey (home schooled); tied for 2nd place: team of Alexis Adkins (Francis Scott Key High in Carroll County) partnered with Jacqueline Chung (Urbana), and Simeon Nelson (Urbana); tied for 3rd place: Surabhi Bhat (Middletown) and Margaret Zhu (Urbana); honorable mention: Bishoy Ibrahim (Frederick); (middle) honorable mention: Regan Byrd (Ballenger Creek)

Chemistry—(middle) tied for 1st place: Abhinav Inavolu and Mona Kurian (both from Urbana); 2nd place: Dinesh Ganesan (Urbana); 3rd place: Agaana Pathmathevan (Urbana); honorable mention: Mackenna Bonney, Kaylee Franklin and Aly Mueller (Middletown) tied with Joanna Genemans (Thurmont)

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics—(middle) 1st place: Priyanka Subramanian (Urbana)

Earth and Environmental Sciences—(high) 1st place: Alec Atwell (Tuscarora); 2nd place: Ian Emanuel (home schooled); honorable mention: Wyatt Payne (Catoctin); (middle) 1st place: Aarushi Kariveda (Urbana); 2nd place: Nicolas Piermarini (Urbana); 3rd place: Idhaya Chezhian (Urbana)

Embedded Systems—(high) 1st place: Charles Giglio and Jorgen Miller (Urbana)

Energy: Chemical and Physical—(high) honorable mention: Iman Mansoor, Grace Scheirey and Divya Swaminathan (Urbana); (middle) 1st place: Yashita Thalla (Urbana); 2nd place: Krish Patel (Oakdale); honorable mention: Jade Clarke McKay (Friends Meeting School)

Engineering Mechanics—(high) 1st place: Charlotte Hively (Urbana); (middle) 1st place: George Julias (West Frederick); 2nd place: Alexander McCoy (West Frederick); 3rd place: Cora Preda (West Frederick)

Environmental Engineering—(high) 1st place: Jessica Hart and Zoe Poppert (Gov. Thomas Johnson); 2nd place: Sanjana Subramanian (Urbana); 3rd place: Atul Thomas (Urbana); (middle) tied for 1st place: Shayon Biswas and Mihir Tanikella (both from Urbana); 2nd place: Mahad Bhinder (Urbana) 

Materials Science—(middle) 1st place: Shloka Tambat and Rachael Thyparambil (Urbana)

Microbiology—(middle) 1st place: Maanuv Manojj (Urbana); 2nd place: Sanjanaa Viswanathan (Urbana); 3rd place: Riya Khirbat (Urbana)

Physics and Astronomy—(high) 1st place: Kai Winterle (Walkersville); (middle) 1st place: Thomas Sova (Middletown); 2nd place: Akhil Neelagiri and Thushan Ranasinghe (Urbana); 3rd place: Zoe Razunguzwa and Regan Ryder (Brunswick)

Plant Sciences—(middle) 1st place: Nicolas Brown (Urbana); 2nd place Ashley Scott (Ballenger Creek); 3rd place: Joel Prabakaran (Urbana) 

Robotics and Intelligent Machines—(high) 1st place: Anthony Reyna (Tuscarora); (middle) 1st place: Emmanuel Johnson (Oakdale); 2nd place Jessica Dipita and Priyanka Gupta (Ballenger Creek); 3rd place: Teddy Lackner (Urbana)

Systems Software—(middle) honorable mention: Ved Roychowdhury (Urbana)

Translational Medical Science—(middle) honorable mention: Anushka Sharma (Ballenger Creek)

The high school booklet cover art winner was Gov. Thomas Johnson student Julie Melong. The middle school booklet cover winner was Ballenger Creek student Camille Markoff. 

See the names of specialty award winners: