Name the Newest FCPS School!

Name the Newest FCPS School!

Frederick County Public Schools invites the public to participate in the process of naming the new east-county area elementary school. The new school is slated for construction in the Lake Linganore Hamptons West community. It is scheduled to open in August 2021 if funding is available.

FCPS has organized a School Name Recommendation Committee, charged with gathering potential school names and presenting three recommendations to the Board of Education (BOE) in June. Tuscarora Elementary Literacy Specialist Susan Verdi chairs the committee, which includes local business and community representatives, PTA members and parents from the Linganore and Oakdale feeder patterns, and staff from Deer Crossing and New Market Elementary Schools.

“The community’s input is critically important in selecting a new school name. Ideas can help shape the school’s identity for years to come,” says FCPS Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban.

The committee invites the public to submit name suggestions through an online survey at [link to outdated material removed]. Submissions should include the person’s name, relationship to FCPS (e.g. student, parent, community member, FCPS employee, etc.), and a rationale for the suggested name. The deadline for the first round of public input is Monday, April 22. Those submitting names are reminded that there is a BOE policy about naming schools. According to Policy 201 (, the BOE may name schools for historical events or geographical features such as local or regional landmarks or locations but not for people.

The committee will narrow the suggestions to 5-10 names after reviewing historical documents, property information and community suggestions. On Monday, May 6, FCPS will post the names at [link to outdated material removed] and publicize a second opportunity for community involvement, asking for public feedback on the selected 5-10 names. FCPS will use a second online survey [link to outdated material removed] to gather this feedback. Comments received will help the committee narrow the 5-10 names to three; the deadline for this second round of public input is Thursday, May 16.

FCPS will then take all feedback into account as the committee selects three names to recommend to the Board of Education in June. The Board of Education will make the final decision in naming the new school.

More information about the new east-county area elementary school is online:  [link to outdated material removed].