Students Earn Gold Medals in Statewide Competition

In statewide SkillsUSA competition this month, 24 Frederick County Public Schools’ Career and Technology Center (CTC) students earned first-place gold medals in 12 competitions, some of which required teams. They and three additional students elected as state delegates qualify to represent Maryland in the National SkillsUSA Championships, June 24-28 in Louisville, Kentucky. There, the 24 gold medalists will compete against the best students from every state and territory in the U.S. 

Local gold medal winners, their home high schools and winning state-level competitions are as follows. Competitions are described after the list of winners.

*Brunswick: Makala Harrison in Basic Health Care Skills and Jonathan Henry in Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue. In addition Emily Willems from Brunswick was one of three state delegates elected from FCPS.

*Catoctin: Jake Baker in Digital Cinema Production, Rachel Burns in Career Pathways—Industrial and Engineering Technology, and Keegan Coolidge in First Aid/CPR. Catoctin student Dalton Wine was elected delegate.

*Frederick: Aaron Subehan in Digital Cinema Production and Rohan Uk in Entrepreneurship 

*Gov. Thomas Johnson: Emily Jacob in Broadcast News Production and Ian Kline in Robotics—Urban Search and Rescue

*Linganore: Braylan Dodson in Web Design and Martin “Billy” Higgins in Broadcast News Production

*Middletown: Kaila Tom in Architectural Drafting

*Oakdale: Matthew Brubaker in Careeer Pathways—Industrial and Engineering Technology, Lucas Senesi in Broadcast News Production, and Jessica Twilley in Career Pathways—Industrial and Engineering Technology

*Tuscarora: Sophia Ferrer in Web Design, Anthony Reyna in Entrepreneurship, Brandon Spilis in Technical Drafting, and Ryan Vu in Additive Manufacturing

*Urbana: Nathan Nardini in Entrepreneurship (also elected delegate), Grace Neff in Additive Manufacturing, Lilly Stephens in Broadcast News Production, and Haleigh Tucker in Medical Assisting

*Walkersville: Jackson Larimore in Entrepreneurship

Also at the state-level competition, 7 CTC students earned second-place silver medals in 7 competitions, and 8 earned bronze in 7 competitions. 

Below are descriptions of the 12 competitions in which local students placed first:

*In Additive Manufacturing, students designed objects for 3D printing, composed of layers of deposited materials. 

*In Architectural Drafting, contestants demonstrated problem solving using a written test, hand sketch and either computer-generated or board drafted drawings. 

*In Basic Health Care Skills, students performed entry-level healthcare procedures evaluated through written, spoken and skills testing.

*In Broadcast News Production, students worked in teams of four; two as news anchors, one as technical director and one as floor director. They had two hours to write and produce their rundown before they produced and completed a three-minute newscast as if it were live. They were evaluated on broadcast writing, voice quality, diction, timing and performance techniques.

*In Career Pathways Showcase competitions, student teams used their course of study as the basis of a project that benefited their class, school, community or industry. Upon project completion, the students developed a display for use in their community to explain their training and project. They were judged on mastery of their training, its application, the project’s benefit to their community, and display and presentation techniques. 

*In Digital Cinema Production, students demonstrated their skills in a written exam, storyboard assignment, interview and short video filmed and edited on site. 

*In Entrepreneurship, students worked in teams to develop business plans that identified needed products or services in a local market. Emphasis was placed on financial planning and practicality. Teams gave oral presentations based upon their written plans and successfully answered questions about a problem typically encountered in a business’s first year.

*In First Aid/CPR, contestants completed a written exam and performed procedures or took appropriate action based on scenarios presented.

*The Medical Assisting contest required demonstrating skills necessary for working in an ambulatory medical office or clinic. Students were judged on speed, safety measures, general office and communication skills, and ability to interact with patients and provide patient education. They demonstrated knowledge of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and equipment, as well as procedures and techniques. In documentation, correct grammar, pronunciation, and spelling were evaluated. 

*In the Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue contest, teams competed in a RoboRescue Challenge to demonstrate skills and preparation for employment in fields such as robotics, engineering, automation, manufacturing, electronics and emergency services.

*The Technical Drafting contest required students to apply appropriate skills and tools including computer-aided drafting (CAD) to solve industry-developed problems.

*In Web Design, teams completed in a series of challenges focusing on website usability and accessibility, with at least one challenge related to scripting. 

The CTC welcomes community members’ support in helping fund travel to national competition for the qualifying students who earned gold medals. Please contact Principal or SkillsUSA lead advisor, 240-236-8500, for more information.