FCPS, FCTA Reach Tentative Agreement on Contract

FCPS, FCTA Reach Tentative Agreement on Contract

Weeks ahead of the end of the current school year, the Frederick County Teachers Association (FCTA) and the Board of Education have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract for teachers. FCTA representatives and the Board have been working diligently for several months toward this goal. 

Curtis A. Scott, chief negotiator for the Board of Education, welcomed the agreement: “The Board, Superintendent Alban, and FCTA all want outstanding results for the students and families of Frederick County. They worked together with mutual respect and openness – starting with that shared commitment – to reach this agreement. Their leadership has been exemplary.”

The proposed teacher contract, which covers the 2019-2020 school year, marks the final year of a 4-year transition to a new, more competitive pay scale for teachers. The new contract calls for: 
•    Increases in starting pay for new teachers
•    Pay improvement for senior teachers
•    An average pay increase for all teachers of 5%
•    A 2% medical insurance premium increase
Board President Brad Young said he is pleased with the outcome. “We all know that providing fair and competitive salaries is critical to our students’ success in the classroom,” he said. “While the Board and FCTA have to address many difficult issues during negotiations, we are always focused on doing what’s best for our schools, our students, and our teachers.”

FCTA President Melissa Dirks noted, “When FCTA and the Board of Education started down this long road to transition to a new pay scale there were many unknowns when it came to funding such a bold plan. What we agreed on was this is necessary to attract and retain quality teachers for Frederick County’s children. The collaboration between FCTA and FCPS to advocate for funding from local and state governments, as well as a four-year commitment to the salary transition plan, has been historic. While much progress has been made over the last four years there is still work to be done, and we hope to continue this collaborative process.” 

Teachers approved the proposed contract last Friday, May 17, after voting by ballot. 

The proposed teacher contract will become effective upon signing. The current contract expires on June 30.