FCPS Earns Budget Award

FCPS Earns Budget Award

Frederick County Public Schools has earned the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) Pathway to the Meritorious Budget Award for the 2019-2020 budget year. According to ASBO, the award recognizes the best budget presentation practices in school districts. 

To earn the award, school districts submit their application and budget documents to a panel of school financial professionals who review them for success in demonstrating they have met the necessary award requirements. The process also provides feedback that districts can use to improve their budget documents. 

Districts that apply recognize the importance of presenting a quality, easy-to-understand budget internally and to the community, according to ASBO Executive Director David J. Lewis. Participating, he adds, “provides districts with important tools and resources they need to communicate the district’s goals and objectives clearly and illustrates their commitment to adhering to nationally recognized budget presentation standards.”

“We are very proud of the hard work by Budget Officer Heather Clabaugh and her team in the preparation of our outstanding budget book,” says FCPS Chief Financial Officer Leslie Pellegrino. “This award is the first step in a two-step process to the prestigious ASBO Meritorious Budget Award. The budget book is a great resource for our board and our citizenry and helps build trust in our fiscal planning and oversight of the taxpayers monies.”

FCPS posts the FY 2019 Adopted Operating Budget, referred to as the budget book, online at www.fcps.org/about/publications