YMCA Joins Frederick Mentors Partnership

YMCA Joins Frederick Mentors Partnership

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) renewed a partnership agreement with Frederick Mentors, a group of local agencies that came together in September 2015 to support FCPS students. Frederick Mentors has added the Frederick County YMCA to its group of agencies, which includes Frederick County Fire and Rescue, Frederick County Government, the Frederick City Police Department and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office.

The partnership is designed to strengthen relationships among students, schools and the community by encouraging dedicated Frederick County public servants to serve as mentors to FCPS students. Each organization supports employee participation in the program, while FCPS helps facilitate the mentoring.

“Great work has already been accomplished with County Government, the Sheriff’s Department, City Police, Fire and Rescue, and their continued support of local students. Adding the YMCA Reach and Rise program to the group allows more opportunities for mentors to work with students,” says FCPS supervisor of Accelerating Achievement and Equity Eric Louérs Phillips. “It solidifies the commitment of various agencies in Frederick County to continue providing support.”

Last year the Frederick Mentors program was able to provide many students with mentors. This year’s goal is to increase the number of students served.

“Everyone benefits when today’s local leaders mentor our community’s future leaders. This partnership holds amazing potential for our community,” says FCPS Superintendent Dr. Terry Alban.

Businesses interested in partnering with the school system beyond offering staff discounts are encouraged to contact FCPS Business Partnerships Coordinator Mindy Bankey, 301-644-5013, melinda.bankey@fcps.org. Those who wish to offer staff discounts should contact zsteele@perkspot.com.

Image of the Frederick Mentors

Left to right:
YMCA Youth Development Director Ryan Murphy,
Police Chief Ed Hargis,
Fire Chief Tom Owens,
FCPS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Mike Markoe,
County Council President Bud Otis,
County Executive Jan Gardner,
YMCA Chief Executive Officer Chris Colville,
FCPS Executive Director of Accelerating Achievement and Equity Dr. Keith Harris,
County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins,
FCPS Supervisor of Accelerating Achievement and Equity Eric Louérs Phillips,
YMCA Teen Coordinator Julie Marker, and
FCPS Teacher Specialist of Cultural Proficiency Toby Heusser