FCPS Formalizes Partnership with Nymeo

FCPS Formalizes Partnership with Nymeo

Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) formalized our partnership with Nymeo Federal Credit Union yesterday. For several years Nymeo has participated in educational programs such as Future Link, a day-long event exposing 7th graders to career possibilities in STEM-related fields. Nymeo has sponsored events such as Pack the Park for Charity, donating $1,800 and school supplies to FCPS, and will continue to help sponsor the annual Community Resource Fair. Nymeo also sponsors the Banzai Program, an online resource to teach financial responsibility to age groups from 13-18, and the Millionaires Club, designed to teach financial literacy. The credit union plans to continue or introduce events such as Passport to Fun, Financial Literacy Day at the Frederick Keys Nymeo Stadium, and other events to meet FCPS student and teacher needs. Nymeo will also provide opportunities for FCPS staff to obtain educational resources.

“Nymeo sponsorship for the Millionaires Club provides students opportunities to put their financial skills to use in national competitions such as The Stock Market Game, The Personal Financial Challenge, and school-based entrepreneurial projects.” says FCPS Coordinator of Career and Technology Education Norm McGaughey. “Developing creative communicators, innovative designers, computational thinkers, and ethical leaders are some of the goals FCPS supports in our Career and Technology Education classes.”

“Our commitment to education, especially in financial literacy, is an important aspect of who we are as a credit union,” says Nymeo President and CEO Vicki Johnston. “We are pleased to strengthen our relationship with FCPS through this partnership.”    

“Nymeo has supported our students with programs and sponsorships for several years, and I’m glad we formalized the partnership with them,” says FCPS Business Partnership Coordinator Mindy Bankey. “Their contributions and ongoing educational support make a positive difference in the lives of many students.”

Businesses interested in partnering with the school system beyond offering staff discounts are encouraged to contact FCPS Business Partnerships Coordinator Mindy Bankey, 301-644-5013, melinda.bankey@fcps.org. Those who wish to offer staff discounts should contact zsteele@perkspot.com.