Students Join "Tiny House" Movement

Students Join "Tiny House" Movement

Students in the Frederick County Public Schools Career and Technology Center (CTC) are embracing the trend toward “tiny homes”; a niche housing phenomenon that seems to have taken the country by storm.

Their nearly complete 597 square foot “senior cottage” is set to be on display at the Frederick County Building Industry Association Home Show on Saturday, March 18 from 9-5 and Sunday March 19, 10-4, at the Frederick Fairgrounds, free and open to the public.

CTC students have built “Student Project” homes since 1978, but unlike in years past, this one fits inside the classroom workshop. The students have been working on the tiny house since October and are excited to have it on display, says Principal Mike Concepcion. He explains that the project began as a joint venture between the CTC, The Frederick County Building Industry Association and The Frederick County Housing Trust but quickly garnered the support of local construction trade contractors and suppliers, most of whom have donated time, talent and materials tTiny House With Decko help the students achieve their goal.

Although the dwelling is not the typical HGTV trailer-and-loft mini-structure, it represents a practical, low-maintenance solution for seniors who want to “age in place” and maintain their independence. The “sticks and bricks” cost of the home was about $55,000. Labor is not included in the cost, as it was performed by the students and other construction professionals.

The home was designed for two persons and includes a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. It meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and can accommodate a person with a walker or wheelchair.

After its unveiling at the Home Show, the tiny house will be for sale at cost to a Frederick County senior citizen.

The top photo shows the cottage in preparation for the Home Show; the bottom photo shows the added deck and landscaping. For more about the CTC house project, follow