There’s something special about Frederick County. We have great communities - and they begin in our schools. You’ll feel it in every one of our classrooms, neighborhoods and local businesses. Our students, staff, and families are the heart of Frederick County!

At the intersection of the Washington DC and Baltimore corridors, home to a thriving high tech hub and biotechnology industry, Frederick County offers big city resources with a small town feel. And with over 68 schools, 44,000 students, and 6,000 employees, no institution touches more people and impacts more lives than Frederick County Public Schools. Our teachers are integral leaders in the community. They come here not only to teach, but to build connections in their neighborhoods, raise families, and enjoy a rich and diverse lifestyle, while truly growing in their profession.

April Vierra, Teacher Recruiter

Picture of Rob Bruno

Rob Bruno, Elementary and Special Education, and English Language Learning

Picture of Megan Kelly

Megan Quinn, Secondary Education and Speech Language Pathologists

Picture of Anne Paxton

Anne Paxton, Special Subjects and Teacher Specialists


Picture coming soon

Nicole Bell, Certification Personnel Officer

Picture of front of teacher recruitment postcard