Tips for Parents

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  • Play memory/concentration games using letters, numbers, words, and math facts
  • Play store-bought memory games such as Simon and Bop-It
  • Read the article: Improve Memory Skills


  • Provide time and space for unstructured, child-directed, imaginative play, ex. dress-up, Legos, blocks, painting, playdough, etc.
  • Allow your child to make mistakes; children who are afraid to make mistakes curb their own creativity
  • Encourage your child to ask questions and wonder about the world around them
  • Ask questions that start with, “What if…?”
  • Encourage your child to come up with answers that no one else has thought of
  • Read the article: Creative Development in 3-5 Year Olds


  • Engage in building with blocks and Legos
  • Encourage map reading & making
  • Solve a variety of puzzles including jigsaw and Rubik’s cube
  • Use spatial language to describe location or size of objects, such as inside, higher, lower, wider, below, etc.
  • Read and explore the article: Improving Spatial Skills in Children and Teens


Child Playing