Elementary School STEM

STEM experiences that begin with the elementary age student foster life-long learners. During the school day, students engage in the seven STEM Practices as part of their ongoing classroom instruction. There are also many special experiences that FCPS offers unique to the elementary program.

Scientists in the Classroom

The Frederick National Center for Cancer Research Scientists provide engaging hands-on lessons delivered by actual scientists. Schools are chosen each year on a rotational basis and grades 1-5 are targeted. The lessons were designed in collaboration with the scientists to meet FCPS curriculum goals as well as STEM practices.

Earth and Space Science Laboratory (ESSL)

FCPS is home to a state-of-the-art STEM center known as the Earth and Space Science Laboratory (opens in new window).  This center provides opportunities for students in grades 1-5 to deepen their understanding of curriculum while engaging in STEM practices. Ausherman Planetarium directors encourage elementary students to ask questions, explore and extend their knowledge in a hands-on minds-on format.

Outdoor School

The FCPS Outdoor School (opens in new window)​​​​​​​ staff provides additional earth science instruction for grade 5. Students experience two full-day field trips and learn about the geology of Frederick County.

Elementary Science Fair

Elementary schools are encouraged to host science fairs and STEM events to broaden experiences. A county science fair is held annually to allow students PK-5 to share their projects with broader audiences. The STEM showcase during the fair allows participants to have hands-on opportunities with real world challenges. Members of the STEM community collaborate to involve students in activities which engage and inspire.

STEM Opportunities

Many schools offer additional opportunities for students such as Math Counts (opens in new window)​​​​​​​, STEM Fairs, Destination Imagination (opens in new window)​​​​​​​, Guest Speakers, Lego Education, GPS/Geocaching, STEM Clubs, STEM Nights and Days, STEM Labs, Career Days, Trout in the Classroom (opens in new window)​​​​​​​, Stock Market Game (opens in new window)​​​​​​​, Robotics Clubs, School Yard Habitat Projects and many others.  Please contact your schools STEM Teacher Leader for more information.

The Great Frederick Fair

Frederick County is home to the largest agricultural classroom in the state. The Great Frederick Fair has established a partnership to provide a field trip opportunity for Elementary students. In collaboration with the elementary science and social studies departments, the Great Frederick Fair educational outreach committee designed a station approach to make connections with essential curriculum as well as the STEM Standards of Practice.

Maryland Science Olympiad

The Maryland Science Olympiad (opens in new window)​​​​​​​ is a hands-on K-12 science program. Scientists and engineers from Maryland corporations, organizations and universities oversee the 46 teamwork-oriented tournament events.