Elementary Magnet Program Identification Process

Identification Process

The goal of the Elementary Magnet Program nomination process is to identify students whose needs cannot reasonably be met in the comprehensive elementary classroom and who require a specialized placement in order to provide additional depth and complexity.

The Supervisor of Advanced Academics holds a Magnet Program Overview for interested parents each winter.  Watch your school newsletter, Channel 18, and FindOutFirst for details.

Parents, teachers, or administrators may nominate students in grades 2-4 for the program in February of each school year. Parents complete the magnet program application online.  It is recommended that parents consult with current teachers to help gauge the appropriateness of the magnet program for their child. Parents of students who are not current FCPS students should contact the Office of Advanced Academics for application/nomination procedures.

Completion of the online application is required to initiate the screening process. The application and other critical information is available on this website during the application period, which is typically the month of February.

Parents of potential magnet students who relocate to Frederick County, MD, prior to July 15 should contact the Office of Advanced Academics at 301-696-6891 regarding application/nomination procedures.

For more information about the nomination and screening process, please see FCPS Regulation 400-88.

Selection Criteria

Upon submission of the magnet program application, a variety of ability, achievement, and performance data are collected for each applicant. All information is compiled into a file for each applicant.  Applicant files are reviewed by a committee comprised of specialists in language arts, mathematics, and gifted education.

Students selected for placement in the magnet program exhibit all of the following characteristics:

  • Advanced performance in both reading and mathematics
  • Strong ratings on teacher rating scales of specific learner behaviors
  • Superior scores on a nationally- normed ability assessment as designated by the Office of Advanced Academics

Placement and Enrollment Process

Placement decisions are mailed to parents and principals in mid-May.

Each magnet site invites parents of students who are offered placements to an orientation in May. The orientation is designed to assist parents in making the best placement decision for each child.

Parents must notify the Office of Advanced Academics of their decision to decline or accept the offer of magnet placement and enroll their child at the magnet school by late May.