Highly Able Action Plans

Students in an elementary class exhibit diverse abilities and performance levels, requiring the implementation of curricular and instructional modifications.  Some students perform at levels far beyond what is expected at their grade level.  In many cases, these students have academic peers within their grade level and can be grouped together in the same reading or math group.  By using this type of strategic grouping, the teacher is able to differentiate the instruction and the resources used with these students to meet their needs.

Occasionally, these students do not have academic peers within their classroom -- as evidenced through a variety of data points, teacher observation, etc. --  and instead are academic outliers.  In order to challenge an outlier who remains at the home school and help him/her reach their full potential, a Highly Able Action Plan can be prepared for the student.  Students may have a plan for one or more curricular areas (language arts, math, science, social studies).  These plans are created in collaboration with the classroom teacher, school-based specialists, staff from Advanced Academics, and school administrators.

To maximize the performance of the highly able student, one or more of the following instructional approaches may be considered:

  • Extension of Common Core Standards: providing opportunities for application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of content.
  • Enrichment: developing and applying research skills based on student interest, utilizing technology, problem solving, creative/critical thinking and logical reasoning skills
  • Strategic Acceleration: increased rate of learning.