Home Instruction (Home Schooling)

Spring Review Scheduling is coming soon.  Your home instruction monitor will be in touch directly to schedule.  Thank you for your patience.

 Maryland law, Education Article. §7.301, Annotated Code of Maryland, Compulsory Attendance, states that each child who resides in Maryland and is 5 years old or older and under 18 shall attend a public school regularly during the entire school year unless the child is otherwise receiving regular, thorough instruction during the school year in the studies usually taught in the public school to children of the same age. Maryland recognizes nonpublic schools and home instruction as options to public school enrollment for students to receive regular, thorough instruction.

The regulations that govern home instruction in Maryland are found in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR} 13A.10.01. The purpose of COMAR 13A.10.01 is to establish a procedure to be used by the superintendent of each school system to determine if a child participating in a home schooling program is receiving regular, thorough instruction during the school year in the studies usually taught in the public schools to children of the same age.

Before Beginning Home Instruction
At least 15 days before the beginning of a home instruction program, the parent/guardian should contact the FCPS Home Instruction office for a copy of the Home Instruction Notification Form and the Home Instruction Regulations (COMAR 13A.10.01) or access these documents in the resource section of this page.

Mandatory Areas of Instruction
Evidence of instruction in all of the following areas is required: English, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, health and physical education.

Required Supervision
Home instruction must be supervised in Maryland by one of the following entities:

  1. The local school system;

  2. A nonpublic school that holds a Certificate of Approval from the Maryland State Board of Education; or

  3. A school or institution offering an educational program operated by a bona fide church organization. The Maryland State Department of Education maintains the names and addresses of the nonpublic schools and bona fide church organizations that are registered to supervise home schooling in Maryland.

 The Home Instruction Teacher

The home instruction regulations (COMAR 13A.10.01) are quite clear that the parent/ guardian is to be the primary provider of the instruction. Other adults can assist with a special area of interest but cannot replace the parent/guardian.  Present regulations in Maryland do not require parents/guardians to have teacher certification.

Program Review
The entity sponsoring the home instruction program is responsible for reviewing the parent/guardian-provided program. If the sponsoring entity is the local school system, personnel from the pupil services unit will do your review.


Laura Ritchie
Home Instruction Monitor

(301) 644-4012
33 Thomas Johnson Drive
Frederick, MD  21702
Fax:  301-644-5246

Joseph Burau
Home Instruction Monitor

(301) 644-5244
33 Thomas Johnson Drive
Frederick, MD 21702
Fax: 301-644-5246

(Please note that the Home Instruction monitors are teachers and are not available when schools are closed. The Home Instruction Office is closed during the month of July.)


Welcome to Home Instruction Newsletter - 2017-2018 (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window)

Home Instruction Curriculum Resource (Adobe PDF file, opens in new window)

MD State Home Instruction Regulations (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window)

Portfolio Guidelines (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window)


Home Instruction Notification Form (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window)

Home Instruction Profile Form (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window)

MVA Learner's Permit Form (Adobe PDF File, opens in new window)

GED Testing Application (opens in new window)

NOTE: Effective July 29, 2014, work permits no longer require a signature from the home schooling monitor, please follow the instruction on the DLLR website.

Deficiencies in the Program
If deficiencies in the program result in the child’s not receiving regular, thorough instructional program in compliance with the home instruction regulations, the parent/guardian will be notified and must provide evidence within 30 days that the deficiencies have been corrected. If the deficiencies are not corrected, the superintendent may require that the child be enrolled promptly in a public or nonpublic school.

Home Instruction Support Group Information
The Maryland State Department of Education does not collect or maintain information about home instruction support groups.