High School Science

The FCPS science program is designed to ensure that all high school students can use and apply scientific knowledge.

Students learn science by acquiring knowledge and constructing explanations of natural phenomena. Then they test those explanations and communicate their findings both in oral and written forms. Through this process, students develop a deep understanding of science that combines knowledge and facts with reasoning and critical thinking.

These learning experiences, which incorporate a variety of instructional resources and technology, ensure that students are successful on local, state and national assessments. They also help develop successful and productive citizens who understand the impact of science on their daily lives.

The high school science program:

  • Provides instruction in the core courses of Introductory Chemistry and Physics or Algebra Based Physics, Biology, and Chemistry
  • Encourages students to select electives from a wide range of courses such as Environmental Science, Earth System Science Research and Science Research
  • Provides opportunities for advanced, honors-level study in courses such as AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, and IB Biology and Chemistry.
  • Encourages participation in curricular activities inside and outside the classroom such as Science Fair and internships at Fort Detrick and other scientific laboratories.


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Curriculum Specialist

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Teacher Specialist, 6-12

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Administrative Secretary

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Essential Curriculum and Other Resources

Two students filling a test tube