Judy Center Services & Programs

Child Care   The Judy Center has partnerships with several center-based and family child care providers to provide full-day, full-year child care services.  All child care partners offer high quality, accredited care.

Family Mentoring Program   Family Partnership collaborates with the Judy Center to provide both home-based and center-based services to support families by providing parent education and early childhood educational support.

Playgroups  Playgroups for children birth to 4 and their parents/care givers are available at each school.  These programs offer parents/care givers an opportunity to bring young children to a language rich and fun group experience.

Health Services  Through the Frederick County Health Department, a school health nurse works to ensure that all Judy Center children receive the necessary immunizations and that the family’s health care needs are met (through health insurance or referrals as appropriate).

Family Literacy   Family Literacy provides four educational components to families who do not speak English proficiently and to families of poverty: adult education, parenting, Parent and Child Together (PACT) activities and early childhood education.

Activities/Books/Toys Lending Library   The ABT lending library provides resources for learning enhancement from infants through kindergarten.  Materials for all ages and developmental levels enhance each of the seven learning domains (Language and Literacy, Personal and Social, Mathematical Thinking, Science, Social Studies, The Arts and Physical Development).  Parents may borrow the resources for use in their home.  Teachers may suggest resources to parents or refer the family to us.  We can also do home visits to model appropriate use of the materials.  Many resources are available in Spanish.  Contact a Judy Center staff member if interested.

Services for Staff   Any adult who touches the life of a Judy Center child is also part of our Judy Center.  This includes classroom teachers and assistants, Head Start teachers and assistants, child care teachers and assistants, family providers, adult educators, and partners staff.  For all these people, we offer a library of teacher resources (also located at our office), staff development opportunities, and other support as requested.

Judy Center

Parent Resource Library   Located in our Judy Center office, the library provides resources for parents on parenting, development, discipline, family life, and education.  The library contains videos, books, and pamphlets.  Videos can be viewed right at the center or borrowed for home use.  We also offer many of the resources in Spanish.  Contact a Judy Center staff member if interested.

Developmental Screenings  Frederick County Infants and Toddlers program provides screenings and services for children birth to 3 years who are experiencing a delay in development or who have a diagnosed condition that has a high probability of delay.

Family Literacy Nights   Every month each Judy Center site offers a literacy-based program. The evening consists of dinner (which we provide), reading together (we model effective reading strategies) and a simple project (which can be differentiated according to skill levels).  Each family receives a copy of the book.

Parenting Education   Throughout the year the Judy Center offers parent education workshops based on parents' needs.  Some topics may include: communication, discipline, budgeting, health/nutrition and reading strategies.  We also occasionally offer parenting series such as social/emotional development of young children.  We provide free childcare at all parent education workshops, allowing parents to concentrate on the workshop session.

Counseling Services   Families can access on-site therapy services through FCPS CASS partnerships with local non-profit counseling groups.  To refer a family and/or child, contact the Judy Center Outreach coordinator or your school's counselor for referral procedures.

Child Care Choices/MHA   Provides families with assistance in finding additional child care services if the Judy Center child care is not a viable option due to a child’s age or needs.