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CMC Spotlight Archive: 2016-17 Video Interviews

Season 2

Welcome to our archive page for Central Maryland Conference Spotlight, a weekly program hosted, produced and created by FCPS Career & Technology Center TV/Multimedia Production students.

Episode 33

Guests: Dave Kehne, Urbana High Principal, winner of Principal's Cup, Ryan Hines, Athletic Director, Urbana High, and Greg Swatek, Frederick News Post
Synopsis: Mr. Kehne and Mr. Hines discuss the hard work from the UHS athletes, and the support from coaches, teachers and families in getting through the school year in the race for the Principal's Cup.

Episode 32

Guests:  Julie Wallace, Walkersville High CMC Tennis Champion
Synopsis: Julie discusses how her season progressed, practicing, and how she got into tennis.

Episode 31

Guests: Michaela Persinger and Allison Larochelle, Catoctin High Girls Softball Champions
Synopsis: Michaela and Allison talk about how their season is going, how practices go, rivalries and team bonding.

Episode 30

Guests: Trey Secomb and Jack Stines, Urbana High Boys Baseball Champions
Synopsis: Trey and Jack discuss their season, practices, biggest team rival and team bonding activities.

Episode 28

Guests: Jordan Swoyer and Matt Honchalk, Linganore High Boys Lacrosse
Synopsis: Jordan and Matt discuss their season during the playoffs, encountering their biggest competetor and their favorite game.

Episode 27

Guests: Jessica Loveless and Erin Hoyle, Oakdale High Girls Lacrosse Champions
Synopsis: Jessica and Erin talk about their season and the difficulties they faced on the road to their championship.

Episode 26

Guests: Patrick Starrs and Jake Hoope, Oakdale High, CMC Boys Track & Field Champions; Abby Grabowski and Anna Miller, Urbana High CMC Girls Track & Field Champions
Synopsis: The athletes discuss their season, practices, events in which they competed and their biggest competition throughout the county.

Episode 25

Guests: Kevin Beltran and Ayanna Cook, Gov. Thomas Johnson High, TJ and Unified Track & Field
Synopsis: Kevin and Ayana discuss their season, what their roles were throughout the season and how unified sports teams work together.

Episode 24

Guests: Various guests
Synopsis: Various FCPS high school athletes discuss what it means to them to be a student athlete.

Episode 23

Guests: Various guests
Synopsis: Many guests affiliated over the years with Frederick High discuss their experiences at FHS as the final school year in the original building comes to an end.

Episode 22

Guests: Makayla Daniels and India Keene, Frederick High Girls Basketball Champions
Synopsis: Makayla and India talk about their season and finally winning their state championship.

Episode 21

Guests: Collin Schlee and Drew Jezdoro, Oakdale High Boys Basketball Chapions
Synopsis: Collin and Drew talk about their practices and highlights throughout the season, and winning the championship.

Episode 20

Guests: Lindsey Winpigler and Garrett Tyeryar, Walkersville Unified Bocce Champions
Synopsis: Lindsey and Garret discuss what bocce is and what the rules are, and their time getting to and ultimately winning the championship.

Episode 19

Guests: Danny Bertoni and Sean Mullican, Middletown High Wrestling Champions
Synopsis: Athletes discuss their chamionships, how scoring works and other rules of the sport.

Episode 18

Guests: Tim Verby, Oakdale High and Remington Oland, Catoctin High, Boys Individual Champions; Emily Lutz, Tuscarora High and Maddy Verby, Oakdale High, Girls Individual Champions, Josh Crocker, Tuscarora High and Melissa Novak, Oakdale High, Diving Champions
Synopsis: Athletes discuss their experiences working towards and during the county meets.

Episode 17b.

Guests: Matt Schafer and Jake Hooper, Boys Indoor Track Champions, Oakdale High; Kelsey Calabrese and Sarah Hajzus, Girls Indoor Track Champions, Urbana High
Synopsis: Athletes discuss their winning seasons, and the differences between competing in indoor track vs. outdoor track competitions.

Episode 17a.

Guests: Eyan Coley, Frederick High Basketball and Edward Plasket, TJ High Basketball; Rhiana Hall, Frederick High and Jordan Powe, TJ High
Synopsis: Athletes discuss anticipation leading up to the annual inter-city basketball competition.

Episode 16

Guest: Andy Warner, Executive Director of MPSSAA
Synopsis: Mr. Warner discusses what the MPSSAA is and its place in overseeing Maryland Athletics.

Episode 15

Guests: Twins Dominick and Siena Acierno, Urbana Soccer and Desmond and Trent Whitney, Tuscarora Basketball
Synopsis: Two sets of twin athletes discuss the unique situations they may face as twins competing together.

Episode 14

Guests: Walkersville High School Football Players Kyle Daggett and Jake Parson
Synopsis: Kyle and Jake discuss th eir season leading up to and including their division 2A state championship win. The men also discuss their future plans.

Episode 13

Guests: TJ Swimming Coach Adam Frank and Oakdale Volleball Coach Jim Dorsch
Synopsis: Coaches Frank and Dorsch discuss balancing their home life with their teaching and coaching duties, including maintaining safety training and certifications.

Episode 12

Guests: Middletown High School Soccer Players Ethan Remsburg and Evan Tuckey
Synopsis: Ethan and Evan talk about how it feels to become division 2A state champions not just once but two years in a row. They also discuss their careers so far as soccer players, and the game itself.

Episode 11

Guests: Linganore Cheerleading Champs Tara Jordan and Renee Rumborg
Synopsis: Tara and Renee discuss the challenges of training for competitions and routine choreography. Included is footage from their winning championship competition.

Episode 10

Guests: Urbana High's Natalie Perez and Darian DiMatteo
Synopsis: Natalie and Darian helped lead Urbana High volleyball to its first Central Maryland Conference championship in a four-set win over Oakdale. Natalie overcame a torn ACL in her knee to have a standout season and Darian led the team in kills (11) and digs (15) in the championship game.

Episode 9

Guests: Urbana High's Sam Coffey and Erin Eby
Synopsis: The Urbana High field hockey team, coached by A.J. Stuart, won the Central Maryland Conference championship. Sam and Erin were team leaders for the Hawks.

Episode 8

Guests: Segment 1: Urbana High's Casey Ballow
Segment 2: Urbana High's Trent Tarnstrom and Kyle McQuillen
Synopsis: The Urbana High boys and girls soccer teams *both* won Central Maryland Conference championships. Hear from Casey, Trent and Kyle about their experiences playing for the Hawks.

Episode 7

Guests: Linganore High's Micah Hewitson and Catoctin High's Julien Webster
Synopsis: Two terrific Central Maryland Conference cross-country champions joined CMC Spotlight for this interview. Micah is a two-time CMC champion. Julien won the girls race by more than 90 seconds. A few weeks later, she won a regional title.

Episode 6

Guests: Brunswick High unified tennis athletes Lucas Willard and Leah White
Synopsis: We are entering fall Central Maryland Conference championship season. Meet Lucas and Leah, two gold-medal unified tennis standouts, and learn more about the many benefits of participating in unified tennis.

Episode 5

Guests: FCPS Supervisor of Athletics and Extracurricular Activities Kevin Kendro and Washington County Supervisor of Athletics, Health and Physical Education Eric Michael."
Synopsis: Recently, Washington County Public Schools joined the Central Maryland Conference, which consisted of just Frederick County Public Schools teams. Learn more about this significant development in the Central Maryland Conference. 

Episode 4

Guests: Linganore High's Drew Twillman and Frederick High's Stephanie Quiroa
Synopsis: Drew and Stephanie were the Central Maryland Conference golf champions. Learn more about how their seasons went.

Episode 3

Guest: Dr. Michael Markoe, Deputy Superintendent, Frederick County Public Schools
Synopsis: Did you know Dr. Markoe was a former student-athlete at Linganore High and a coach at Urbana High? Learn more about his background in athletics and what student athletes need to do in order to be successful.

Episode 2

Guests: Frederick High's Jaida Smith and Jonathon Shedio
Synopsis: Frederick High won the inaugural Central Maryland Conference Sportsmanship Trophy. Filmed on location at Frederick High, this episode features Jaida and Jonathon discussing the importance of showing great sportsmanship and how CMC student athletes respect the game.

Episode 1

Guests: FCPS Supervisor of Athletics and Extracurricular Activities Kevin Kendro and Frederick News-Post high school sportswriter Greg Swatek 
Synopsis: Kendro and Swatek share an overview of the Central Maryland Conference and what we can all look forward to in 2016-17.