All in One Course Approval and Reimbursement/Direct Pay Request System

All course requests require prior approval. We now have an online system for requesting course approval. For more information on Direct Pay, please visit /benefits/direct-pay-program-information.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Log in using either your network login and password, or click “Login with ADFS.” See Fig. 1.

figure 1
Figure 1: Login Screen

Step 3: If this is the first time you’ve visited the Course Approval site, you will be prompted to select your employment type (Certificated, Support, or AS/AMT). See Fig. 2.

figure 2
Figure 2: Set Employment Type

Once you’ve set your employment type, you will be re-directed to the main welcome screen. See Fig. 3.

NOTE: Should you need to change your employment type in the future, hover over your name on the blue menu bar and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: To begin a new request, select the type of request you are entering from the “Start a New Request” box to the right and click “Continue.“ See Fig. 3.

Request types:

  • Course Approval Only – Select if you are not requesting reimbursement.
  • Course Approval with Reimbursement – Select if you’re seeking reimbursement, but you don’t wish to participate in the Direct Pay program (or you are attending a non-participatory school).
  • Direct Pay – Select if you wish to participate in the Direct Pay program, FCPS will pay for its portion of your tuition assistance directly to the school.
  • License/Test/Training – Select if you are testing for Praxis or other industry certification, or specialized training.

Please review the appropriate document for your job category below for a summary of your tuition reimbursement benefits:

NOTE: From this welcome screen, you can review previously submitted requests and begin a new request.

figure 3
Figure 3: Welcome Screen with Summary

Continue here for Course Approval and Direct Pay requests. See Step 9 below if you are requesting approval for a license, test or training course.

Step 5: The screens for the first 3 options are nearly identical. After selecting the college you are attending, the semester drop-down list will populate with your available semester choices. Enter any comments to HR. If you are requesting reimbursement through the Direct Pay program, enter your Student ID assigned by the college, if available. See Fig. 4. If you are a support employee, you will also have a series of checkboxes available to the right, select the one(s) that fit your situation. Click “Continue.”

figure 4
Figure 4: College and Semester Selection

Step 6: The following screen adds a section that allows you to enter your course(s). Here you can enter multiple courses, one at a time. Click the “Add Course” button. See Fig. 5.

figure 5
Figure 5: Add a Course

Step 7: When the “Add Course” screen appears, enter the requested information and click “Create.” Do this for every course you are requesting, if more than one. Your courses will be listed in the second table at the bottom of the screen as you create them. See Fig. 6.

figure 6
Figure 6: Course Details

Step 8: Once you have entered all of your courses, click the “Continue” button. Here you will finalize your request. You must check the check box indicating that you understand the tuition benefits provided to you in the appropriate negotiated agreement. Click “Finish” to submit your request and return to the main summary screen. See Fig. 7.

figure 7
Figure 7: Confirmation and Final Submission

Continue here for License/Test/Training Requests

Step 9: Select your organization or request type and semester, describe the purpose of the request, then click “Continue.” See Fig. 8.

figure 8
Figure 8: License/Test/Training Request Information

Step 10: Next you will be prompted to enter the details of your test/certification/training request. Click “Add Test,” enter your information and click create. See Fig. 9. As with a course approval/direct pay request, you can enter multiple items on your request, provided they all fall in the same semester timeline.

figure 9
Figure 9: License/Test/Training Request Detail

Step 11: After entering all of the tests and/or training for which you are requesting approval, click “Continue.”  Here you will finalize your request. You must check the check box indicating that you understand the tuition benefits provided to you in the appropriate negotiated agreement. Click “Finish” to submit your request and return to the main summary screen. See Fig. 7 above.

What’s next in the process?

  • You will receive a CONFIRMATION email that your request was successfully submitted for review.
  • Once your request has been reviewed and a decision made, you will receive another email informing you whether your request was approved or denied.
    • If your request was approved:
      • You may now enroll in the approved course(s)
      • Save the approval email for your records.
    • If your request was denied:
      • You may resubmit a different course approval request OR
      • If you need assistance or recommendations, you may contact and we will be happy to provide you with some alternatives. 

How to submit for tuition reimbursement

To initiate the reimbursement, it is your responsibility to submit the following documentation, within 30 days of course completion:

  • Itemized Receipt - Uploaded to your course request (directions below)
    • The receipt will need to: verify your student account and the college, identify course and semester tuition charge(s), course/semester fee(s), and show a zero balance (shows course and fees have been paid-in-full).
    • Directions to upload your receipt:
      • Log into the course approval system
      • Click on "View all requests"
      • Click on the course you are seeking reimbursement for
      • Click on "Attach Files"
      • Attach the receipt
      • The system will notify our team that a receipt has been uploaded
  • Official Transcript - we can accept an electronic transcript OR an official paper transcript
    • Electronic Official Transcripts - Must be submitted directly to
      • The college and/or transcript provider will email us with a link and passcode to verify and download your transcript.
      • We cannot accept forwarded or attached transcripts.
    • Paper/Mailed Official Transcripts - Must be on the college official transcript paper.
      • You may bring the transcript to our central office location OR
      • You may have the college mail the transcript to our office, please use the below address:
        Human Resources - Course Approval
        Frederick County Public Schools
        191 South East Street
        Frederick, MD 21701

Our team will process your reimbursement once ALL requested and appropriate documentation have been provided.