ADA/Non-ADA COVID-Related Process FAQ

I. ADA-Related Requests

What documentation is required to initiate an Americans with Disabilities Act (hereafter ADA) accommodation request related to a disability?
Two (2) forms are needed to begin the process: (1) the Workplace Accommodation Request Form which the employee completes, and (2) the Medical Inquiry Form which is completed by a healthcare provider. Both forms are available on FCPS’ website at: For Staff=>Benefits=>ADA Accommodations.

Who evaluates ADA accommodation requests? And what criteria is used to determine eligibility for an ADA-related accommodation?
The employee completed Workplace Accommodation Request Form and the Medical Inquiry Form completed by a health care provider are reviewed by the Human Resources Benefits Personnel Officer. The criteria used to evaluate the request is from the ADA. The Act defines a disability as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.

Once a request is identified as ADA qualified, what happens next? How is an individual request evaluated?
ADA-related requests are forwarded to the School Administration and Instructional Leadership (hereafter SAIL) team for consideration. SAIL and Human Resources then review and process the requests which includes conferring with the employee’s supervisor to determine if the accommodation can be provided without creating an undue hardship.

What would be an example of an undue hardship?
For example, if granting a request such as telework compromises the instructional program or student safety due to supervision requirements, then a request may present an undue hardship and could therefore be denied.

How are employees notified as to the outcome of the accommodation request?
The Senior Manager of Benefits provides the employee written notification of the outcome.

What happens in the case where an ADA accommodation for telework is denied?
If a specific ADA request is denied, further communication with the employee may occur in order to identify alternative accommodations or options for the employee to consider.

II. NON-ADA Requests

What is the intake process when a request is made from an employee who is not eligible for an accommodation under the ADA? (i.e., a NON-ADA request)
Such request is recorded in the Human Resources Department and includes employee name, worksite, assignment, and the nature of the request along with the rationale for the request.

How are NON-ADA telework requests reviewed?
Once the majority of ADA cases are resolved, the Director of Human Resources consults with the employee’s supervisor to evaluate the request in order to determine if it can be accommodated at the employee’s worksite without creating an impact to the delivery of instruction or maintaining supervision of students.

How are ADA/NON-ADA non-telework requests reviewed?
A committee of Human Resources staff, instructional administrators, and non-instructional administrators review an employee’s ADA/NON-ADA non-telework request. For example, if an employee requests personal protective equipment (PPE) which is not readily available to the employee’s supervisor, then the committee will meet in order to determine if the requested PPE is reasonable and can be provided.

What happens in the case where a NON-ADA accommodation for telework is denied?
If a NON-ADA request is denied, further communication with the employee may occur in order to identify alternative accommodations or options for the employee to consider.