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FCPS offers two dental plans administered by Delta Dental.  One is a Standard plan with an annual limit of $1500 per person per plan year and one is a buy-up option plan with an annual limit of $2500 per person per plan year.

Delta Dental Plan Highlights

Dental Services Standard Plan Buy-Up Plan
PPO - in-network Out-of-Network PPO - in-network Out-of-Network
Deductibles $0 $50 ind/$100 fmly $0 $50 ind/$150 fmly
Diagnostic & Preventive 100% 100% 100% 100%
Basic Services 80% 80% 80% 80%
Major Services 50% 50% 50% 50%
Orthodontics Maximums Unlimited Maximum

$0 per person lifetime
deductible $2,000 per person

$50 per person lifetime deductible
Unlimited Maximum

$0 per person lifetime
deductible $2,000 per person

$50 per person lifetime deductible
Maximum per person per Plan Year $1,500 per person $1,500 per person $2,500 Per person $2,500 per person

The above is intended for highlight information only.  Please refer to the detailed plan summary for the Standard Dental Plan (link) or the Buy-up Dental Plan (link) for exclusions and specific plan details. 

Delta Dental PPO: Your smile is covered


Visit a PPO dentist to maximize your savings. These dentists have agreed to reduced fees, and you won't get charged more than your expected share of the bill. Find a PPO dentist at

Access online services

Get information about your plan anytime, anywhere by signing upf or an Online Services account at

Check in with ease

You don't need a Delta Dental ID card when you visit the dentist. Just provide your name, birth date, and enrollee ID or social security number. If your family members are covered under your plan, they will need your name, birth date and enrollee or social security number. Prefer to take a paper or electronic ID card with you? Simply sign in to Online Services, where you can view or print your card with the click of a button. If you're covered under two plans, ask your dental office to include information about both plans with your claim and we'll handle the rest.

Understand transition of care

Did you start on a dental treatment plan before your PPO coverage kicked in? Multi-stage procedures are only covered under your current plan if treatment began after your plan's effective date of coverage. You can find this date by logging in to Online Services.

Newly covered? Visit

Finding a Delta Dental provider:

One of the benefits of having a Delta Dental plan is access to one of the largest dentist networks in the nation. We have just enhanced our online dentist directory, making it even easier for you to find a conveniently located dentist.

The Find a Dentist feature at now offers:

  • Easier navigation and a cleaner display
  • The ability to find a dentist near an address or popular landmark, such as the Golden Gate Bridge or Empire State Building (you can continue to locate a dentist by city or zip code as well)
  • The ability to conduct a search using key words, such as the name of a practice (as well as by the dentist’s name)
  • Faster narrowing of search results by specialty, language and gender
  • Improved toggling between Delta Dental PPOSM and Delta Dental Premier® (our open network plans) and DeltaCare® USA (our closed network plan)
  • Search results appear in a tabbed format with PPO dentists, whose fees are likely to be lowest, appearing first.

Where’s My ID Card?

If you’ve been looking for your dental plan ID card, we have good news for you:

You don’t need one!

When you visit the dentist, simply tell the dental office staff that you are covered by Delta Dental.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your social security number (or enrollee ID number)

You may also be asked the name of your company. Family members covered under your plan will be required to provide your details.

Want an ID Card Anyway?

  • Go to, and log in to Online Services. (Click Register to sign up if you haven’t already.) Click on My ID card in the left column. A new window with your ID card should pop up, which you can print out for your records. (If nothing happens, check whether your browser is blocking pop-ups.)
  • Smartphone > Go to, log in to your account and select My ID card from the main menu. You can pull up this electronic ID card at your dental office.