Birth of child, adoption or guardianship is a “life qualifying event” and you may add the child to your health or dental insurance within 30 days of the event. Upon the birth, adoption, or guardianship of your child, please complete the medical insurance Enrollment Form and provide a copy of the Birth Certificate or legal court document(s) to the Benefits Office for processing.

You are also able to begin or modify your Health and/or Dependent Care Flexible Spending account. Simply complete the appropriate FSA form and submit to the Benefits Office within the 30 day window. More details are included on the Healthcare Flexible Spending tab or Dependent Care Flexible Spending tab.

You may want to consider updating your Life Insurance beneficiaries through Employee Self Service as well as updating your beneficiary with the MD State Retirement Agency by completing Form 4. This form is submitted to the Benefits Office.

Employees are able to cover their children on health and dental insurance up until age 26.  After this time, they will be removed from coverage and become eligible for coverage elsewhere.  A disabled child is eligible for coverage for the entirety of their dependency.

If your child is a disabled child that meets the eligibility for coverage under the plan, you must complete the Statement of Disability for Eligibility form and submit it for review.

Dependents no longer meeting the eligibility for coverage and are dropped due to age 26 will be offered COBRA coverage.