Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

EAP provides you and your household members with free, confidential assistance to help with personal or professional problems that may interfere with work or family responsibilities. Historically thought of as only providing Mental Health services, EAP is now much more. You will find Legal advice, Childcare/Eldercare resources, Financial and much more in this resource.

The program is a FREE benefit provided and paid for by FCPS.  If assistance is needed beyond the provided counseling visits, the GuidanceConsultant will assist you in finding a resource covered through your insurance.

Benefits Coordinator
(301) 644-5085

How does it work?

Call your ComPsych GuidanceResources Program to connect directly with a GuidanceConsultant who will confidentially assess your concern/question, assist with any emergencies, and connect you to the appropriate resources.  The GuidanceCounsultant then becomes your personal point of contact, keeping in touch to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes.

What is included?

  • Confidential Emotional Support: You and your family member can speak with a highly trained clinician about any issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, grief, loss, life adjustments, relational and marital conflicts
  • Work-Life Solutions: Specialists can provide qualified referrals and resources for just about anything on your to-do list, such as finding childcare, elder care, hiring movers, home repair contractors, planning events, locating pet care and services
  • Legal Guidance: Speak to an attorney for practical assistance with your most pressing legal issues such as divorce, adoption, family law, will, trusts and more.
  • Financial Resources:  Financial experts can assist with a wide range of issues including retirement planning, taxes, relocation, mortgages, insurance, budgeting, debt management, bankruptcy and more.
  • Online Support: GuidanceResources Online is your 24/7 link to vital information, tools, and support, such as articles, podcasts, videos, slideshows, on-demand trainings, and more.
  • Interactive Digital Tools: A digital self-care platform, myStrength, offers interactive behavioral health tools and resources with guided programs on anxiety, chronic pain and opioids, depression, mindfulness, sleep, stress, substance use, and personalized resources on physical health conditions, and secure access through GuidanceResources Online.

ComPsych Contact Information:

For information or assistance please call (800) 272-7255 or go online at guidanceresources.com

For hearing impaired, please call (800) 697-0353



Log on today to connect directly with a GudanceConsultant about your issue or to consult articles, podcasts, videos and other helpful tools. 

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